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1. What is the study of population called?


2. Which of the following successive discounts is better to a customer?


3. A can finish a work in 10 days and B can do the same work in 15 days. How many days work finished in together?


4. Which of the following is the most irrigated area in the state?


5. Which artist decorated the handwritten copy of the Indian Constitution?


6. Which Indian indigenously built submarine was handed over to the Indian Navy in September 2017?


7. Which of the following is not an institution of the World Bank?


8. When N is divided by 36, remainder 12 comes. What will be the remainder when N will be divided by 9?


9. What is the greatest consolator of 6/19 and 16/57?


10. What is the largest part of the human brain?


11. Who is the father of local self-government?


12. Which of the values ??of A is divisible by number 37A4, 4?


13. Three numbers are in the ratio of 4: 5: 6. If the sum of their classes is 1925, what are the numbers?


14. 22: 490 :: 28:?


15. Who won the 2017 Women’s Singles Wimbledon Championships?


16. Which of these are the first generation of computers?


17. Which lenses are recommended for people with myopia?


18. If a number cube has 7/6, 252, then what is the number?


19. When a merchant sells an item, it gives two successive discounts of 20% and 15%. If he has Rs 816 of this item What is the face value of the object?


20. The average of N numbers is 21. If a number 57 is removed, then the average is 17. What is the value of n?


21. Which of these was the capital of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s empire?


22. In which of the following cells, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy?


23. Which of the following was discovered in the sun in the chromosphere?


24. When was the signaling protocol for reducing the production of chlorofluorocarbons?


25. Who is the Railway Minister at the present time?


26. One item was sold at 19% profit. If Rs 780 It was sold at a higher price, it would have benefited 34%. What is the purchase price of the item?


27. A person goes to some place at a speed of 20 km / h and comes back at a different speed. If the average speed is 8 km / h, what is the speed at the time of coming back?


28. Which of the following is given in the field of medicine?


29. A non-volatile concrete is added to the water. It will be ………………………… in the digit.


30. Which of the following is an animal known as starch?


31. Which of the following rivers has been decided on Nagarjun Sagar?


32. Which of the following animals can suffer from mouth and leg disease?


33. What will be the impact of the dangers of swinging the pendulum when it is taken to the moon?


34. What is the maximum difference between the two sessions of parliament in India?


35. Who wrote the book “Old History New Geography”?


36. Who is the present Chief Minister of Goa?


37. A number is multiplied by 6/7 rather than 5/8. What percentage of the value is the new value?


38. L is less than 20% by M. M is 20% more than N. N is 30% less than P If P is 2000, then what is the value of L?


39. Choose different options from the following options.


40. World Diabetes Day is celebrated?


41. Which of the following is a compound?


42. Sound velocity is the lowest value of sound?


43. How does the quality of gasoline sample be detected?


44. What is the study of internal structure of plants?


45. Where was the third Buddhist music held?


46. Which Portuguese governor adopted the blue water policy?


47. Which state started the martyr village development on September 18, 2017?


48. The late Indian Air Force’s martyr Arjun Singh was also the deputy governor of which union territory?


49. A pipe can fill the tank in 100 hours. Due to the hole in the bottom of the tank, it takes 120 hours to fill the tank. If the tank is full, then how many hours can it empty the tank?


50. How many numbers are there from 33 to 143 which are divisible by both 4 and 7?


51. Which radioactic element is named after its explorer country?


52. Is Microsoft the founder of the company?


53. Which book has been translated into 15 Indian and 40 foreign languages?


54. Which indigenously built missile was successfully tested in September, 2017 in Balasore (Odisha)?


55. US Open Tennis Tournament Slonen Stephens, who won the women’s singles title in the year 2017 on September 10, 2017, is related to which country?


56. The ratio of first and second to the three positive numbers is 4: 7, the second and the third ratio is 2: 3. The product of the first and the third is 4200. What is the sum of tune numbers?


57. Ram can complete one task alone in 20 days. Ram, 20% less efficient than Ramesh. In how many days will Ramesh alone complete that task?


58. Another word for the software is-


59. Which of the following compounds contains hydrogen restriction?


60. Parasene crop is prepared for the desirable traits of golden rice?


61. Apart from Kunan, which of the following is used for the treatment of Malaria?


62. Does the number 7 in the binary code be written?


63. Which mode of transmission of heat does the molecules of matter not move from one place to another?


64. Rudrama was the famous female ruler of which dynasty?


65. Rs 10000 What is the compound interest of 3 years with the annual combination at the annual rate of 2% on the principal?


66. Find out the missing number from the options given in the following question. 29, 31, 35, 41, 49,?


67. Where did the Miss World 2017 competition be organized on November 18, 2017?


68. Which state has approved the drug for the treatment of hepatitis-C approved on November 12, 2017?


69. Where is the great temple located during Cholas?


70. Who was the first Indian Governor of Independent India Jalal?


71. 74. 7, 11, 15, X, 14, 21, 25 is 15, so is x value?


72. Cost of 100 books is equal to the sale price of 60 books. Is the percentage of profit or loss?


73. If a specific code is written in RACKET 813524, in that code, how will TRACK be written?


74. In what field recently announced 100 new suburban railway services by Indian Railways?


75. Memorandum of coins of the respective quota classes were released on the occasion of birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr. MS Subbulakshmi?


76. 400 The amount of Rs 480 becomes in 4 years. If the rate of interest increases by 2%, what will be the new compound?


77. In waterfalls, when the water falls from the height, its heat-


78. Which scientist first created the periodic table?


79. What hormones does the uterus prepare for the implantation of the prohibited ovary?


80. Who invented the Safety Razor?


81. Choose the right match-


82. Write the full name of IPPC:


83. If the length and breadth of a rectangular plot are increased by 50% and 20% respectively, how much of its area does it increase?


84. What is the normal temperature of the human body?


85. Where is control center of reversible actions?


86. Sonar is more commonly used?


87. Which of the following countries has received the Constitution of India from the Constitution of India?


88. What is the backlight?


89. Which of the following Indian nicknames has started from Swat river?


90. If the three items are sold at the purchase price of 5 commodities, then what is the profit percentage?


91. The ratio of the radii of the two cylinders is 2: 3 and their ratio is 5: 3. Will their ratio be proportionate?


92. Under which article, constitutional emergency is enforced by the President of India?


93. Which of the following countries has Cobra-Gold sponsored annual multilateral military exercises with Thailand?


94. Who wrote Akbarnama?


95. The action of combustion in which heat and light are produced in a short time?


96. Lycans that are made up of two square plants are-


97. What is the percentage of 32, 80?


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Good job sir… Thank you so much…
जैसा मैं सोचती थी टेस्ट सीरीज आपने वैसा ही दिया उसी स्टाइल का


Very nice sir…

Gaurav Sharma

Sir bht hi bdiya karya kiya apne mai apke diye gaye practice set se yuvakalyan Adhikari ki tyari krunga please mujhe guide kre apka aabhar hoga because mera physical ekdum perfect h

Pradeep kumar

Namastey sir.
Aap bahot achcha kam kar rahe h per aap test hindi m bhi start kigiye pls sir pleeeeeeees

kirti tomar

Sir u r great thanqs a lot sir

Anuj Kumar giri

Sir please the test in Hindi.

Dileep Kumar maurya

This mock test is very useful for railway exam,and thank you sir….


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