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1. What was not the demand of prayer society from among the following?


2. Who said, Ram and Rahim the only one God have two different names?


3. Where is the word of Congress taken from?


4. What is the council of nine gems related to?


5. Was the capital city of Pallavas?


6. Who is the Chief Law Officer of India?


7. Which of the following committee is the committee’s committee? A- Public accounts committee
B-Estimates committee
C-Committee of Public Enterprises Choose the correct answer according to the options given below:


8. Which among the following is the regulator of insurance sector in India?


9. The moon is one ……………..


10. Does the meaning of Dear Money Policy mean?


11. All living beings are created from one or two basic units …………. ?


12. Malaria is by whom?


13. Which of the following is not needed for photosynthesis?


14. What is the best source of vitamin A?


15. What is the Red Rath disease of sugarcane by whom?


16. What is the study of zoology?


17. How many liters of blood is there in an adult person’s body?


18. Whose skin is the respiratory organ of the organism?


19. Is there a system of management and process in our body?


20. Who discovered the vaccine for smallpox?


21. 13 years ago, my father’s age was three times that, and two years ago, his age was twice as old as my age. Is my father current age?


22. The average age of our family of four members is 35. On removing my age, the average age goes up to 40. Tell my age?


23. In a cricket match, Rohit has scored 13 hundreds and 3 sixes with a century. What percentage of runs he runs in running between wickets?


24. 5 cm 1 cms to a cube of Is cut into cubes. After this type of harvest, tell the percentage of increase in the dorsal area?


25. One outstanding amount of Rs. 49,400 in 3 years And at the same interest rate, 5,400 rupees in 5 years It happens. Interest rate per year?


26. Velocity of a boat in stable water is 15.5 km / h And adverse velocity of 8.5 km / h is. Is the velocity of the stream?


27. How many times a clock swings meet each other in a day?


28. Today is Monday. After 61 days, will the day be?


29. 30km In the distance of the distance, Abhay takes 2 hours longer than Sameer. If Abhay doubles his speed, then he will take 1 hour from Sameer. Is the speed of Abhay?


30. If the value of 60% of 3/5 of a number is 36, then is that number?


31. A dishonest guava shows the sale of milk at the purchase price, but it mixes water in it and thus it has 25% profit. What is the percentage of water in the mixture?


32. A freight train 72 kms. 250 m in 26 seconds, running at the speed of per hour. Long crosses a platform. What is the length of the cargo?


33. Contrasting in this series: 3, 5, 7, 12, 17, 19


34. A and B can do one thing in 8 days B and C can do the same work in 12 days. A, B and C together can complete it in 6 days. In how many days will A and C complete this task together?


35. Three currencies are tossed. Dismiss the possibility of coming in two tops and a tail.


36. A pump can fill a tank with water in 2 hours. Due to the leakage, it took 2 * 1/3 hours to complete the tank. How much water from the tank will be vacant in the leak?


37. The five bells ring together at intervals of 2, 5, 6, 8 and 9 seconds respectively. How often will they sing in an hour?


38. Bauman-capsule is a part of the following?


39. Is the human body the largest cell?


40. Which of the following is the basic unit of inheritance?


41. What is the highest level of international attraction?


42. What is measured ……… with car speedometer?


43. What is known from the slope of speed-time graph?


44. Whose measurement is obtained from momentarily?


45. What is the value of Newton’s second law regarding motion?


46. What is the rate of change in displacement over time?


47. Which of the following does not change when chemical reactions fall?


48. In order to determine the melting point of ice, how should the thermometer be kept?


49. The colors of sodium chloride and ammonium chloride are respectively


50. Which acid is present in vinegar?


51. What are natural gas, petroleum and coal?


52. Is there a tool to convert chemical energy into electrical energy?


53. Sudarshan Patnaik is a famous person in which of the following fields?


54. What is the Hathigumpha inscription related to Udayagiri?


55. Who was the president during the formation of the Hindu Mahasabha in Orissa in 1922?


56. In which year did Gobindhu create the World Council of Education?


57. Which of the following is the largest river of Orissa?


58. Name the names of two PSUs, who were granted Maharatna status by the Central Government of India in 2013?


59. Who among these has won the prestigious Gyanpith Award of 2017?


60. Which is the Vespati award given by?


61. Which of the following Indian is included in the list of 100 Most Effective Women in the World by Time Magazine?


62. ISRO has recently approved the use of the Frequency Band from the Satellite for Internet in trains?


63. Which public sector company was granted Maharatna status on September 13, 2017?


64. How many districts are there in the recently proposed Telangana state?


65. Which Indian player has hat-trick in ODIs against Australia on 21st September, 2017?


66. Who is the author of ‘Beyond the lines: An auto-biography’ book?


67. What is the full form of ‘NGRBA’?


68. Who is the author of ‘Turning-A journey Through Challenges’ book?


69. Which field is operational in the Vedanta Aluminum Company?


70. Is the distance between the rail (tracks) in broad gauge?


71. Where was the APEC Summit 2017 organized?


72. 100m In a race, A has 10 meters to B. C and C to 13 m Defeats. 180m In the race, how many m To beat C?


73. If the value of 40% of a number is equal to two-thirds of the second, what is the ratio with the second number of the first number?


74. Look at this series- 12, 32, 72, 152, —– What will be the next number?




76. What is my relation with my sister’s grandfather?


77. Tungabhadra is the tributary of whose river?


78. Which of the following causes heavy rainfall in the summer on the west coast of India?


79. The atmospheric layer, which provides suitable conditions for the flight of a large airplane?


80. Where is Panna Diamond Khan located?


81. Who is known for which Meludalai Sanctuary is?


82. What is the largest continent in terms of area?


83. Which of these is not a port on the east coast?


84. Which of the following is India’s poorest state?


85. Which of the following is the highest yield of food oil?


86. Name the most cyclical sphere of India?


87. Extreme population can become human capital. If the investment made is …………………?


88. What is the Prime Minister-


89. How many times has the National Emergency declared so far?


90. Who gives approval to minorities on the basis of Indian constitution?


91. What is the Buddha called “the sea of ??wisdom and mercy”?


92. Which of the following fuel minimizes pollution in the atmosphere?


93. Is the catalyst used in the hydrogenation of oils?


94. Who was awarded the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize in November 2017?


95. Which state has recognized Urdu as the second language on November 12, 2017?


96. Is there aqueous solution of ammonium chloride?


97. Which system of stethoscope does sound work?


98. Are humans absorbing organisms?


99. Relationship to Anthology?


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