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1. What was not the demand of prayer society from among the following?


2. Who said, Ram and Rahim the only one God have two different names?


3. Where is the word of Congress taken from?


4. What is the council of nine gems related to?


5. Was the capital city of Pallavas?


6. Who is the Chief Law Officer of India?


7. Which of the following committee is the committee’s committee? 1-Public accounts committee
2-Estimates committee
3-Committee of Public Enterprises Choose the correct answer according to the options given below


8. Which of the following is the smallest part?


9. Both Sourav and Sahil can do one task in 15 days. Sahil Akelen can do in 20 days. How many days can Sourav do this task alone?


10. If the circumference of a square is 104 cm So what will be the length of one part of it?


11. What position did India receive in the report “Doing Business 2018 Reforming to Create Jobs” issued by World Bank?


12. Which Magsaysay Award winner was announced to award the 30th Indira Gandhi National Integration Award for the year 2015-16?


13. A ship running in a river comes in the sea, then the level of the ship-


14. What is the distance of the earth from the sun?


15. Volcano is the topography created?


16. Adding two numbers gives 25 and the difference is 13. Tell her the result?


17. A person took loans from the bank on simple interest of 12%. After 3 years, Rs. Had to pay interest of 5400. How much was the money borrowed by him?


18. The temperature of remote objects such as sun etc. is measured by which thermometer?


19. India is the leading state in cotton production?


20. How many boards have been divided into Indian Railways Board?


21. The river, which does not make delta?


22. Rectangle, whose length is 50 cm And the square whose one part is 25 cm is. Both areas have the same area. What is the width of the rectangle?


23. 4 people who were born in the interval of 4 years, their age is 80. What is the youngest age?


24. Which country gave the citizenship of a Humanity Artificial Intelligence Robot?


25. Dove symbol is?


26. Mahatma Gandhi’s incarnation of Indian politics?


27. Which one of the following was used as a chemical weapon in World War I?


28. Is the shape of methane molecule?


29. Are most of Indian forests?


30. What is the number of mandates in the world?


31. Find out 0.09 + 0.009 + 0.0009 + 0.00009 =


32. Which country’s athlete Johannes Vetter was chosen as “Europe’s Best Male Athlete”?


33. What is the study of cancer related diseases?


34. If a bulb of 100 watts is burnt for 5 hours per day, how much will it cost to 50 rupee per unit unit in 30 days?


35. Who accepts the acceptance of various political parties in the form of National Party or Territorial Party?


36. Is Bihar the largest number of people?


37. The average weight of A, B, C is 45 Kgs. is. If A and B weigh 40 kg And B and C weigh 43 kg So what is the weight of B?


38. Equals 1.21×0.41-


39. Is there a fungus called Aspergillus?


40. Does the apple and pear eatables eat?


41. Where did the joint training between India and Sri Lanka “Friends Power 2017” conclude?


42. Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in which state?


43. Where is the headquarters of the Asian Development Bank?


44. What is the name of Clean India brand ambassador which has recently passed away?


45. Culture Festival “Juice Banaras-Sanagara-Bapu is organized in which city of Jupiter?


46. A sum in simple rate of interest will amount to Rs 9800 after 5 years. And after 8 years, 12005 It happens. What is the rate of interest per year?


47. The speed of the run is 3.2 in the first 10 overs of cricket. What should be the speed of the run in the remaining 40 overs so that the goal of 282 runs is achieved?


48. What is the fraction of the total iceberg floating above the ocean floor?


49. Suresh Seth has died recently. What was that?


50. What is the term of respiration measurement?


51. Is the closest creature of human being in the process of development?


52. What is the minimum income to be elected as village chief?


53. One person bought 6 taffies in one rupee. If he wants to take advantage of 20 percent profit in one rupee, then how much will he sell?


54. The study of ecological science was invented by the pyramid?


55. What is the length of the meter gauge in the railway line?


56. What is a long stream of horoscope


57. What is the capital of Cyprus?


58. Which state government has initiated the knock-in campaign?


59. If a section of the square is 4 cm If its height increases then its area is 60 sq. M. Rises from How much is a part of the class?


60. If A: B is = 5: 7 and B: C = 6: 11 then A: B: C =?


61. Was the first general election held on a public adult franchise basis in India?


62. The pyroometer is used for measuring the following?


63. If the day of February 25, 2008 was on Monday, what was the date of March 2, 2008?


64. Heavy machine-building plant is located


65. What types of products do CACP recommend minimum support price?


66. The product establishes function relations-


67. The three exemptions of 20%, 10%, and 5% respectively will be equal to a single exemption?


68. Two friends have Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. Start a business by investing 150,000 If the profit is Rs. 24,000, then know the share of the benefit of those two friends?


69. Sushma Swaraj and Human Resources Minister Prakash Javadekar released the book ‘Exam Warriors’. This book is written by whom?


70. Who was awarded the National Lata Mangeshkar Award 2017 in Indore (Madhya Pradesh)?


71. Ten years ago, Kiran was four times bigger than Leela. After 10 years, Kiran’s age will be two times more than the age of Leela. What is the current age of Leela?


72. Is ‘the Gulf Stream’?


73. Dodge refugees?


74. Which of the following principles is used to create the lowest temperature?


75. Which of the following waves can not transmit in zero?


76. Cobalt-60 is usually used in diseases like radiation therapy such as cancer, because it emits-


77. What is the number to be added to the 15, 24, 32, 41 so that the average 34?


78. One person spends 75 percent of his income. His income grows by 20 percent and expenditure also increases by 10 percent. What percentage of his savings does he grow?


79. Which actress has been included in Forbes India’s ’30 Under 30′ list?


80. Guhavati is situated on the banks of which river?


81. Does Kaveri river flow?


82. Is the first Indian to get the title of Field Marshal?


83. The difference in number is 36 due to the change in the number of two digit digits and those two digit numbers. What is the difference between two digits?


84. Which of the following compounds is tetrahedral in the following?


85. First of all, scientists who synthesize genes in the laboratory?


86. Is the computer a type of window?


87. Which financial committee of Parliament does not have any representation of the Rajya Sabha?


88. Who among the following was the founder of the Dravidian Kazamgam?


89. A car makes its journey in 5 hours. It’s about 20 km in its half-distance The speed per hour and the rest 30 km Fills on hourly. How much distance is the total travel?


90. Where is the organized military exercise between India and Bangladesh organized ‘Sampreet-7’?


91. Which of the following fighting of the Mughal empire was found in Delhi?


92. In an interest of three years, an amount of interest is simple Rs. Rs 815 and 4 years It goes 854. How much is the amount?


93. Inadequate supply of blood in the human body is called?


94. How do most insect breathing?


95. Which Indian Constitution guarantees financial justice for citizens?


96. If 8 men or 12 women can do any work in 25 days, then how many days can it be done by 6 men and 11 women?


97. Which formula-one driver has the distinction of becoming F-One World Champion for the fourth time?

98. What is the maximum sanctioned number of the highest court with the Chief Justice of India


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