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1. Which color of light reflects the highest deviation when passing through the prism?


2. What is the best material for transformers?


3. What is the sum of the internal angles of a polygon in the following?


4. Who has recently been appointed as the new Chief Justice of Bangladesh?


5. Who has launched a SMAP Satellite that measures the humidity in the soil and inspects the Earth?


6. There are two holes in a tank. The first holes empty the tank alone in 21 minutes. The second holes empty the tank alone in 7 minutes, if the leakage is happening at a fixed rate, how long will the tank be empty by both holes?


7. On the profit of a commodity, the value of 8% is Rs. 3 is the difference. So the ratio of both sales prices is-


8. Complete the following sequence. T, R, P, N, L,?,?


9. Who prepares the geographical map of India?


10. The Lahore conspiracy case was registered against whom?


11. Sudha Karmakar died recently?


12. Shri Nixi, at the rate of annuity compound interest of 5%, is Rs. 2000 lends. What will be the compound interest for 2 years, while the interest is combined yearly?


13. What is the famous bird sanctuary in Haryana?


14. Provides a variety of attractive colors to flowers and seeds?


15. In which medium, the speed of sound will be maximum on the temperature of about 200 C?


16. If the coefficient of a set of data is 64, then find out the standard deviation.


17. List of pair of school uniforms worth Rs. 180, after its discounted price is Rs. 153 is. What is the discount rate?


18. Anita introduced a person as the son of his mother’s brother. How is Anita related with that person?


19. Who defines the constitution?


20. Who is related to accidental floods?


21. What is an acoustic science related to?


22. Which city was organized in India’s first Radio Festival?


23. Where is the headquarters of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization?


24. A person is standing on the weight scale inside the lift and if the elevator starts to move fast upwards then-


25. Find the median of 5, 4, 10, 3, 3, 4, 7, 4, 6, 5?


26. Pramod a loss of only 15% Rs. Sells in 2250. To buy 15% profit, at what price should the bus be sold?


27. What is an example of hemophilia?


28. What is the full name of GSLV?


29. Where is the Kosi flood control and irrigation project situated?


30. Who inaugurated International Conference ‘AgroGon 2018’ and ‘Agri Xpressa 2018’ at Chandrashekhar Azad Agriculture and Technology University Kanpur?


31. Who has recently become the new Prime Minister of Nepal?


32. What is the full form of DOS?


33. Find the value of the number which is received by adding 13 times the same number to 98?


34. Which word snuff paddle is snorkeling, gliding and turtle stroke associated with it?


35. The ratio of two numbers is 2: 3 and their m.S. 3 is Then their LS Find out?


36. What is the principle of thermodynamics that meets the concept of internal energy?


37. “Every substance in the world is made up of very fine particles”. Who said this first?


38. Has the name of the Saragaso sea?


39. A shopkeeper cheats up to 24% by buying and selling fruit, using less weights, then his total profit is percentage?


40. Calculate- 3546/394-7


41. What is the rank of India in the latest FIFA rankings?


42. Who has been declared as President of South Africa?


43. Fruit Bats Which of the following diseases are the natural nutrients of microbes?


44. Which other person was known as the British East India Company?


45. Which three railways come under the mountainous rail of India which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site? Which of the following does not come under it?


46. Who is the author of the book ‘To the Brink and Back India’s 1991 Story’?


47. Rs. 176 is divided in the ratio of 2.5: 6.9, then the rupees will be in their respective ratios-


48. Who developed the UV spectrophotometer to measure ozone in the atmosphere?


49. The product of two numbers is 2028 and LS 39, then their M. Find out?


50. Two minutes walk from a 22 km / hr walk from a house at a distance of 10 minutes, one person coming from the opposite direction of the house and how much more will have to walk, so that the buses at 6 minutes intervals Get it?


51. What is called the study of fish?


52. Electric consumption bill based on measurement?
1.Watt 2. voltage 3. ohm 4. ampere


53. Which of the following is the highest source of zinc?


54. Pointing towards Rashid, the border said, “His mother is your only daughter’s daughter”, how is the border related to Rashid?


55. Which country will host 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Conference?


56. How many medals have been won by the Indian boxers in the Asian Games Test tournament in Jakarta, Indonesia?


57. What is the capital of South Africa?


58. What is the life span of human red blood cells (RBCs)?


59. At which temperature the pressure of the vapor of the liquid is equal to the pressure of the vapor of the cone is called ……….


60. The theory of monopolistic competition was influenced by the United States?


61. 2 minutes for 30 seconds, a satellite bill of Rs. 25, then what will be the value of 3 minutes 20 seconds?


62. In a certain code language, BROWSING is written RBWOISGN, then what will be the paradise written in the same code language?


63. Who among the following was not a member of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association?


64. Which of the following weather manifestation of the ozone hole in Antarctica is clearly visible?


65. A compact disc player costs Rs 13,600 Selling in is a loss of 15%. At what price to earn a profit of 35% on the cost?


66. In four years, Rs 6,000 The amount of Rs 8,000 It happens. In how much time is the same rate of Rs 525 The amount of Rs. 700 Will it happen?


67. Who will be the next President of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR)?


68. Which state government will sponsor the Indian Hockey team for the next 5 years?


69. What is the United Arab Emirates?


70. If the ratio of the cost value and sale price of an item is 10:11, then the percentage of profit will be?


71. What is the value of angle angle on the equator?


72. The catalyst is such a substance that the velocity of the chemical reaction-


73. L.P.G. Which gas is used in the main form?


74. If the digit of two digit numbers is changed, then the new created number is 18 more than the original number. If the sum of digits is 8, what was the physical number?


75. One year ago a mother was 4 times bigger than her son. After six years, his age was five years more than double of his son’s age. What is the current ratio of their age?


76. m: n = 2: 3, then what will be the value of 3m + 5n / 6m-n?


77. Chilka Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in which state?


78. Rud Lubbers died recently. Which country was the prime minister?


79. Is Vestron Chemical?


80. E.C.G. is-


81. Which of the following is the highest value in the following?


82. Rs. A sum of 8,500 is distributed among 5 men, 6 women and 8 boys in the ratio of 10: 7: 1. What will be the part of a boy?


83. Which of the following is not a Rabi crop in India?


84. Who is the following person who got the Bharat Ratna award before becoming the President of India?


85. What is the largest tribal community in India?


86. Where is the headquarters of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA)?


87. In which city was the international conference on sustainable biofuels held?


88. In which of the following Union Territories, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given Rs 1,000 crore Have started development schemes?


89. What is the cell’s suicide bag?


90. Does the air bubble behave inside the water?


91. If A: B = 7: 9 and B: C = 3: 5 then A: B: C is equal to?


92. If the numeric value of the perimeter of a circle and its area is equal, then the area is-


93. Horizontal demand curve happens-


94. What is the competent body to determine the conditions for obtaining citizenship?


95. What is the largest union territory of India?


96. Consider the following pairs-Auxiliary river main river
1. Chambal Narmada
2. Son Yamuna 3. Manas Brahmaputra
Which of the above pairs / Joints have the correct match?


97. Kishor of Indian origin, Akshay Rupalariya made the record of becoming the youngest millionaire of which country?


98. Which indigenous-built warship was inducted into the Indian Navy by the Union Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in October 2017?


99. Improvement of human environment is called breed improvement?


100. How much is 2/3 of 3/5 to 96 of 210?


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