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1. Which state is associated with the country’s new President, Rama Nath Kovind?


2. Which country’s Women’s Cricket Team made history by winning the ICC Women’s ODI World Cup for the fourth time?


3. Which of the following statements show the brownie motion?


4. Name the longest distance train in India?


5. What happens when the butter is removed from the milk?


6. The ratio of the length of the school grounds to its width is 5: 2. If the width is 40m So, the length is-


7. The face value of an item is 10% higher than its cost price. 10% discount is allowed on face value. What happens to the seller from this type of sale?


8. Where is the Malayalam language spoken?


9. India’s women’s hockey team defeated the country’s women’s Asia Cup Hockey Tournament 2017 title?


10. In which Indian city did the World Food India 2017 be organized?


11. Is stored energy in the spring of the clock?


12. In what category is the malaria parasite and amoeba?


13. Sameer Rs. 5,750 Vegetables worth Rs. Had to sell in 4,500 What was the percentage of its loss?


14. Where is Konark Sun temple?


15. Who was Birsa Munda?


16. Which British writer of Japanese descent was given the Nobel prize 2017 in the field of literature?


17. The chemical name of vitamin D is-


18. In which year was the establishment of Indian Railway Board?


19. A motorist travels at a speed of 36 km / hr along the border of a square area of ??14,76,225 m2 area. How long will it return to the starting point?


20. Complete the following category- 113, 225, 449,?, 1793


21. Is the product of all prime numbers between 80 and 90?


22. What is the place of worship for Sarnath?


23. Is the farmer’s most helpful organism?


24. What game is given in Santosh Trophy?

25. Which airport of India has been selected as the world’s best airport in the 2-3 million passenger category?


26. Which country’s High Court has disqualified the country’s Deputy Prime Minister in the case of Dual Citizenship in 2017?


27. If the mitocandria stop functioning then what work will not be done in the cell?


28. How much is the magnetic field of the Earth?


29. Is pure silicone?


30. In which state is Ladakh?


31. If an internal angle in an equal polygon is 1320 by its outer angle, then what is the number of sides of that polygon?


32. 16 years ago the age of my grandfather was 9 times more than I was. From now on, his age will be 3 times his life. 8 years ago was my age proportionate to the age of my grandfather?


33. What was Nalanda?


34. If there is no atmosphere, then the average surface temperature of the earth is-


35. In which state was the Union Cabinet approved the name of Kandla Port, named Deen Dayal Port?


36. Which Space Space of NASA was destroyed on September 15, 2017?


37. When did the world’s first train go?


38. A train goes from Howrah to the bundle at an average speed of 20 km / h and returns 30 km / hr from the average speed. How much is the average speed of the train journey (km / hour)?


39. Whose unit is a light year?


40. What type of tissue do the body’s protective armor?


41. Which part of the plant is well received?


42. Which country’s Commissioner was assumed as the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) by Rajiv Maharishi on September 25, 2017?


43. Which of the following is the most attractive substance?


44. Where does the river Ganges not flow?


45. Is Harikeli the author of drama?


46. Is not it easy to see the object far away from the eye, it is corrected?


47. Who was the brave woman of the Maratha empire?


48. Whose study of tissue is useful for?


49. Who is the radiosynaptic ray below of the helium nucleus?


50. A number is reduced by 20% first. Then this reduced number is increased by 20%. The resultant number is 20 less than the original number, so is the original number?


51. Arun’s place in the class of 31 students is 17th. What’s his last place?


52. Who did Gandhiji lead?


53. Which of the following days is celebrated as World Environment Day?


54. What is the Five Year Plan related to?


55. What is Pandit Ravi Shankar?


56. In which Indian state was the India International Science Festival (IISF) organized?


57. A table is sold at 13% profit. If it is 25 rupees If more is sold, the gain is 18%. Find the cost value of the table?


58. Babu Kunwar Singh fought in what battle?


59. When was the Republic of India?


60. Which lifelong ban on former Indian cricketer was reapply on 17th, October, 2017?


61. The ions in which the number of electrons is equal.


62. The role of the catalyst in chemical reactions is to change


63. Is the rate of photosynthesis the lowest?


64. Complete the following series- 848, 422, 208, 100, 45,?


65. Mahesh has a flat Rs 9,25,000 In the purchase and renewal of Rs. 35,000 Spent He has flat Rs 10,80,000 Sold in How much is their profit percentage?


66. The face value of an item is 10% higher than its cost price. 10% discount on face value? What happens to the seller from this type of sale?


67. In which country did Brenda Mazuri Halee be appointed as the first woman judge in the Supreme Court?


68. Which of the following creatures has now disappeared in India?


69. Earth revolves around the sun. Which of the following provides the best basis for this principle?


70. In the Manashbari system, who introduced the “two Aspa Singh Aspa”?


71. The largest number of soldiers who participated in the 1857 conflict?


72. Which factor is necessary for the development of democratic institutions?


73. The oath of office is administered by the Governor by whom?


74. Write the full name of the BOD.


75. The average age of 14 girls and their teacher is 15 years. If the age of the teacher is removed, the average decreases by 1 year. Why is the teacher’s age?


76. What is the average of the first 93 natural numbers?


77. Which state is famous for Madhubani art?


78. In which direction Arunachal Pradesh is in the direction?


79. Where was Ashoka’s capital?


80. Which country won the title of FIFA Under-17 World Cup 2017 for the first time in Bharat?


81. What is called the thick root hanging from the stem of the banyan tree?


82. Hydrogen and oxygen are in water in the ratio of 2: 1. 450 l What is the amount of oxygen in water?


83. In the following question, one post in the number series is wrong. Find the wrong post: 2, 8, 20, 48, 92, 188


84. Complete the series by selecting an extinct number: 1,2,3,6,9,18, …., 54


85. Is the correct formula of baking soda?


86. The book from which Vande Mataram is cited is


87. What is the provision of enforcing President’s rule in any state in which article of the constitution?


88. Martin Luther King was resident?


89. If 764AxB23 = 1C05504 where A, B and C are different numbers, then extract A?


90. List of pair of school uniform pair Price Rs 180 is. After its discount, Rs 153 is. What is the discount rate?


91. What is the cause of Kwashiorkor disease due to lack of it?


92. Is the medicine to kill rats?


93. Which is the leading state in wheat production in India?


94. Is the scriptural scriptural texts?


95. Black hole is formed by shrinking-


96. Does the shape of methane molecule occur?


97. If an item is Rs 10 It costs Rs 2 and Rs. Is sold for losses. So what will be its loss percentage?


98. Which of the following acid dissolves in gold?


99. What is called the liquid mixture of Normal butane and iso butane?


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