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1. Who among the following, has never been the captain of the Indian cricket team?


2. Which of the following states play the role of Chancellor of the universities?


3. Which of the following is India’s most innovative state?


4. Who was the Railway Minister of India before Suresh Prabhu?


5. Rs. 3200 at the rate of 5% simple interest every year, find the amount received after 2 years and 6 months?


6. 12% and 13% discount is equal to a single discount for the series?


7. Calculate-
123×999 + 123


8. Which of the following is the largest number?
3/2, 7/5, 5/4, 7/2


9. What is the value of secret heat of ice melting?


10. Such atoms in which the number of protons is the same, but the number of neutrinas varies, say-


11. What is primarily made of external shell of egg?


12. Famous viruses, known as ‘Ghat Karo aur chhip jao’


13. Who has won the silver medal in Qatar Open Shotgun Meat?


14. The famous jazz violinist DDir Lockwood died recently from which country?


15. Which standard will be awarded by the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology for the title of the lit.?


16. The 12th India-Saudi Arabia Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) was organized in which city?


17. Hasan reads for 5 * 1/5 hours per day. If he gives science 2 * 1/2 hours of his time, how much time does he give to other subjects?


18. Kanchan can complete one work within 5 days and Kangana can do the same work in 25% more efficient manner than Kanchan. Find out the total time taken by Kangana to complete the work?


19. In which city of India was the first Municipal Corporation established?


20. Who was first awarded the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize?


21. What is the busiest railway station in India?


22. the most enduring aparroop of phosphorus is ?


23. What is the number of connective electrons of chlorine?


24. Who is considered the creator of e-mail?


25. Which minimum value should be given so that the number is divisible by 2361 * 48, 9?


26. For 2 years General interest on the amount of Rs. 3000, simple interest is Rs. 2500 per day compared to ordinary interest received for the same period. 20 is more. Find the rate of interest?


27. In which state is Sariska National Park?


28. Gandhinagar railway station Rajasthan is the first all-women railway station. that is located in the city?


29. Which city has organized the National Workshop organized on “Agriculture 2022-Doubling Farmers Income”?


30. One car is 650 kilometers in 12 hours and another 850 km in 18 hours. Travels. Find the average speed of the car?


31. In which field are the Grammy Awards provided for excellence?


32. Who shaped the preamble of the Indian Constitution?


33. Who was the first mediating ruler to start the Ministry of Agriculture?


34. Find the blank number in the series- 1, 2, 6, 24, ……., 720


35. Who became the first railway minister after India’s independence?


36. Who had discovered Positron?


37. What is the speed in the Chhukamu leaf?


38. Where did the computer build the ultimate in India?


39. If 78×3-3y56 = 4367, then what should be the place of x of the following?


40. In an examination 96% students passed and 500 students was faill. How many students present in the examination.


41. What is the name of Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare?


42. The Central Government has constituted a committee to study the measures of Brahmaputra and flood control measures in Assam and neighboring states. Who will preside over this?


43. Where is the headquarters of the Policy Commission (National Institute of Bharat Transformation)?


44. Who is the author of the famous book “Wings of Fire”?


45. Who was the first law minister of India?


46. Kajal works in his office 6 hours and Sima works 7 hours and 30 minutes in his office. Find the ratio of hours of their work?


47. Find out the value of (-2)5x(2)-5x(3)3


48. Unit of magnetic Flux is?


49. The melting point of alloys is expected from their organs.


50. Who among the following is known for the name of hockey magician?


51. The focal length of the convex lens is 0.2 meters. it will have the capability?


52. The PH value of milk?


53. The amount of urinary tract of human body increased is called ?


54. On which date is the International Mother Language Day celebrated every year?


55. India has successfully tested the medium-range nuclear capable Agni-II missile. How many kilometers is its firepower?


56. R.K. Lion Power and Minister of State of New and Renewable Energy (IC). Which constituency is he related to?


57. The ratio of time taken by A and B to complete any task is 1: 3, if A takes 15 days to complete that work, how long will it take for B to complete the job?


58. The difference between a number and its 3/5 is 26, what is the number?


59. A vehicle travels at a speed of 80 km / hr. How many meters will it take in 15 minutes?


60. What is the state dance of Kerala?


61. Who appoints the governor of the state?


62. In which Do psychologists study?


63. Which of the following is famous for the Kaziranga Reserve in Assam?


64. Where the cook rice take more time ?


65. What is the fuel in the cooking gas LPG gas cylinders for safety?


66. In which area computer language FORTRAN is needed?


67. Find the average of 205, 302, 108, 403, 202?


68. Simple interest on a certain amount is 1/25 of the amount. If time and percentage rate are identical according to the number, find out the time


69. If FIRE is written in GHSD. How will MANGO be written?


70. What was the white revolution in India related to the production?


71. Who among the following has been awarded the Bharat Ratna Award at the youngest age?


72. Which of the following is the largest reserves of coal in India?


73. Who is the longest serving chief minister of India?


74. By giving an item a discount of 12% on the cost value of it, Rs. Was the price listed on the item sold in 528?


75. In one bag, the coins of 50 paise, 25 paise and 10 paise are in the ratio of 5: 8: 3 respectively, whose total value is about Rs. 144 is Find out the number of coins of 50 paise.


76. Sudari has Rs. A washing machine sold in 8500 was lost on 15% of the deal. How much did he buy this washing machine?


77. Union Cabinet approves the cooperation related agreement between India and the country in the Rail Sector.


78. Who has been selected for Virginia’s 2018 Outstanding Stem Award?


79. Which of the following is another name for the fish farming revolution?


80. Who invented the wireless?


81. Aryan completes a certain distance in 1 hour and 30 minutes, out of which two-third part determines the speed of 4 km / hour and the rest with speed of 5 km / hour. Find the total distance (approx)?


82. Letter of Rs. Purchased an item in 5844 due to some flaws in which he got the mechanic to repair it. 156 given. Then he got Rs. 5700 in the bench. How much did it cost?


83. The queen takes 30 minutes to reach school from home. The king takes 45 minutes to decide the distance. Find out the ratio of time taken by the Queen and the king?


84. Where is the idea of ??introduction in the Constitution of India taken from?


85. Which of the following has been done to promote exports and reduce imports?


86. Which amendment of the Constitution of India was introduced in the rural areas in the Panchayati States and urban areas in the Municipal Corporation Act?


87. In which city was the Global Digital Health Partnership Seminar organized?


88. How many new saints were announced by Pope Francis in a program organized in 2017 in Vatican City?


89. Who prepares National Income in India?


90. The clock value of Rs 1250 . Sold in 1500 What was the percentage of profit?


91. The two numbers are in the ratio of 6: 5. If 5 of each is deducted, then the ratio becomes 5: 4. Find the largest number?


92. What is the total number of recurrences in the modern periodic table?


93. Who is the best driver of heat?


94. Who is receiving Epidin, the medicine used in asthma and cough diseases?


95. What will your son-in-law have to do with your daughter-in-law’s husband?


96. In which article of the Indian Constitution, the State of Jammu and Kashmir has been given special status?


97. Which of the following was the official language of the Gupta period?


98. The diameter of a car’s wheel is 49 cm is. How many rounds will it have to run to complete the journey of 6.16 kilometers?


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