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1. Who is the first captain of India’s national cricket team?


2. In which year was the Constitution of India adopted by the Constituent Assembly?


3. Which former Indian Prime Minister has translated the famous book ‘Wei Pagalu’ to Tamil, ‘Saharsa Phan’?


4. Which state of India is the official language of English?


5. The average of 6 numbers is 7. The average of three of these is 5. What is the average of the remaining numbers?


6. Calculate- 123×625 + 625


7. Current salary of Krishna is Rs. 3500, next year it will increase by 10%. What will be the increased wages after the increase?


8. According to a statement issued by UNICEF, the child marriage in India has seen a sharp decline from 47% to …………… in the last 10 years.


9. Om Prakash Mitharwal is related to which sport?


10. What is the currency of Mexico?


11. The light that most refracts when passing through a prism is


12. What is the study of greens vegetables producing plants?


13. The percentage of nitrogen present in ammonium sulphate is-


14. What is the fluctuations in the frequency of any sound source?


15. PUZZLE is written RWBBNG, how will ARMATURE be written?


16. If the quotient is 345, the divisor is 8876 and the remainder is 9, what will be the dividend?


17. In which Indian state is the festival known as ‘Chandni Padwa’ celebrated?


18. Who proposed the introduction of the Indian Constitution to the introduction committee?


19. Ed Cowan recently announced his retirement from professional cricket. From which country?


20. Where is the headquarters of the Indian Animal Welfare Board (WBI)?


21. Who has launched a pleasant mobile application and 1033 Toll Free Emergency number for highway users?


22. Find an empty number-
130, 135, 178, …….. 234, 247


23. If 5a = 3125, then a3 = …..


24. The number of two digits is such that the product of their numbers comes to 8. If 18 numbers are added to this number, then the numbers of that number are reversed. Find that number?


25. A seller Sells five lemons with a price of 14, which gives 40% gain. How much did he buy a dozen lemons?


26. In India, which year was started under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, salt travel, Dandi-yatra or Salt Satyagraha?


27. According to the 2011 Census Report, what is the most densely populated state of India?


28. Which Indian Armed Forces are under the management of the Ministry?


29. The voice is a woman more prone to the voice of a man?


30. How many watts are in a horse power?


31. The temperature is a particle’s heat visible heat elevating to one degree Celsius?


32. Age of a father is the ratio of 5: 2 to the age of his son. If their age of productive years is 1000, then what will be the age of father after 10 years?


33. If the purchase price of an item is equal to 80% of its selling price, then will the profit?


34. The average of 10 numbers is calculated 15. Later it seems that while calculating average, a number 36 was accidentally read 26. Was the correct average?


35. Which country has turned India’s top crude oil exporter into Saudi Arabia?


36. Who is the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas?


37. I.R.C.T.C. What is the full form of?


38. Who was the first Indian to present the railway budget?


39. What is the best thing for the transformer’s cord?


40. There is a gas exploding in coal mines?


41. Gyanpeeth Award is given in the field?


42. Which of the following did the construction of the famous Khajuraho temple?


43. Salary of A is 25% higher than B’s salary. How much is B’s salary less than A’s salary?


44. The sum of two numbers is 36 and their M. And ls Respectively are 3 and 105. What will be the sum of inverses of those two numbers?


45. Remaining a number from 387 gives the remainder 48. If the same number is divided by 43, then what will be the remainder?


46. What types of contents are destroyed when the computer is off?


47. There is a reason for iron-related illness in laborers working in iron mines?


48. Who is the Forbes’ 2018 ‘top billionaires in the world’ list?


49. Which state has initiated ‘Ama village, Ama Vikas’ (Our Village Our Development) program?


50. There is a pollutant causing mental illness from motor car smoke?


51. In which country is the Moghia port?


52. 999 * 98/99 * 99 is equivalent to-


53. A fraction, which is 30 and is between 5/8 and 7/11, is-


54. What is the radios isotope used to control blood cancer (leukemia)?


55. The velocity of a sound in the air?


56. How to produce white light in the tube?


57. Which country produces the most timber?


58. Choose the odd word pair from the given options-


59. What is the oldest monument?


60. The smallest full class number, which is divided by 16, 20 and 24?


61. 2 men and 3 women together or 4 men can complete any work in 20 days. In how much time will 3 men and 3 women together meet the same work?


62. Bhitarkanika National Park is located in which state?


63. Surta Singh Maravi died recently He was …………


64. International Women’s Day is celebrated every year?


65. Which of the following can be skin cancer due to sun exposure?


66. How many members are appointed by president for the Rajyasabha?


67. Faucet A, B and C can fill up an empty tank of water in 10 minutes. The lone tap A can fill it in 30 minutes and B in 40 minutes. How long will it take to fill it alone?


68. A trader marks 40% more than the purchase price of his goods and gives a discount of 25%. His advantage is-


69. Which state has declared the scheme of ‘Mahila Mahila Kosh’?


70. Who has started the expansion of the National Mission on Nutrition and Beti-Teaching, Daughter-Save Campaign in India?


71. Inventor of typewriters?


72. Match the following:
List-1 list-2 A Richter Scale 1. Pressure
B Beaufort Scale 2. Ultimate Heating
C Kelvin scale 3. Seismic intensity
D Milibar 4. Wind speed


73. Farad is the unit of?


74. What is the formula of hydrochloric acid?


75. The Dhaka of Bangladesh is famous for whom?


76. In which state is the Valley of flowers National Park?


77. If there is an increase of 50% in each of the length and breadth of anybody, then what percentage of its population will be increased?


78. If 2A = 3B = 4C, then A: B: C will be-


79. Who can not be connected to the computer’s USB port?


80. When was the area of ??Chota Nagpur under British rule?


81. Which is the best example of capital-intensive industry in India?


82. How is the emergency situation implemented in India only once?


83. Who was given the name “Prince of Pilgrims”?


84. Who won the silver medal in ISSF World Cup in Guadalajara, Mexico?


85. America and ………. Army has started joint military exercise “Juniper Cobra 2018”.


86. To photocopy a paper piece, Rs. 1 Looks like After photocopying the first 1000 papers, 2% discount is given on all photo copies. So what will the cost of doing 5000 photocopies?


87. A man with average speed of 24 kms on the mountain Enlarges the rate of hourly and 36 km Descends from the average move. The distance covered in both the conditions is the same. The average move is for the entire journey-


88. Fatehpur Sikri constructed by ?


89. Which vitamin deficiency causes rickets?


90. Who endorses the endocrine gland below?


91. Which of the following is called the Rheumatyantra of the human body?


92. In 1659 Shivaji killed Afzal in the fort?


93. Who has named Uber as a brand ambassador in India?


94. A chord of length 30 cm is at a distance of 8 cm from the centre of a circle. The radius of the circle is?


95. Vaibhav received 12% monthly salary of Pushpa’s monthly salary. Monthly salary of Pushpa Rs. 7800 Before the monthly salary increase of Vaibhav, Rs. 6500 was. How much will he earn in five months after the increase?


96. Of the following, who was the leader of the hot party of the Indian National Movement?


97. How many valves are there in the human heart?


98. In the Kos region, the pine tree is found in the following?


99. Where is Kumaramangalam Stadium situated?


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