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1. Who was the first woman to receive the Dadasaheb Phalke Award?


2. Who is the supreme commander of all the forces of India?


3. Key-board keys that can be programmed for special tasks, what do they say?


4. When was Mahatma Gandhi arrested during 1942 ‘Quit India Movement’?


5. There is a ratio of 3: 2 between the length and breadth of a rectangular farm. If its length is 5m If extended, its area is 2600 sq. M. What is the width of that rectangular field?


6. One person lends an amount on the loan. Rate of 8% for the first 3 years, rate 6% for the next 4 years and 4% for the time being thereafter. If after 13 years the total is Rs. 2160 How much of the total amount of mixed was obtained when the ordinary interest was received?


7. In which city was the economic meeting of India and China held?


8. The vertical columns of the periodic table are called?


9. Kirchoff’s stream rule is based?


10. What is the deficiency of Paddy khaira disease or shortage disease?


11. Yamini Krishnamurthy is famous for which dance style?


12. Which two countries are connected by underwater tunnel?


13. In our constitution, where was the concept of state policy-director theory taken from the constitution?


14. What was India’s position in the recently released Global Talent Competition Index-2012?

15. If 45% of any number is added to the second number then it is 1.35 times the second number. What is the ratio of first and second numbers?


16. The number of skilled workers, unskilled laborers and clerical workers working in a factory is in the ratio of 8: 5: 1 and their wages are in the ratio of 5: 2: 3, respectively. If the number of unskilled laborers is 20 and daily wages of Rs. 3180, then what is the daily wages of each grocery?


17. Suresh Prabhu is the Minister of Commerce and Industry. Where is the Rajya Sabha MP?


18. India Under-16 team defeated ……………… and won the title of Jockey Cup International Youth Invitational Fulball Tournament?


19. Which parasite called ‘Antamoeba histolytica’ is found in the following parts of human beings?


20. Iron warfare-


21. When did the first battle of Panipat between Ibrahim Lodi and Babur happen?


22. Which of the following items dissolves in gold?


23. Which Mughal emperor had adopted the policy of Sulah-E-Kul?


24. Where is Waterloo located?


25. (1570)2+(1571)2+(1572)2+(1573)2 What is the number of units in place?


26. If 80 people make any work 6 hours a day in 16 days, then 64 persons will have to work on how many hours per day to complete the same task within 15 days?


27. The cost value of an item is Rs. 800. After the end of the season, it is proposed to sell in Rs 736. Accordingly, what is the proposed rebate?


28. Who has nominated the UNESCO Executive Board as the representative of India?


29. Who has won the Australian Grand Prix title?


30. Where is the headquarters of Indian Railways?


31. The ‘Prism’ split the different colors of light?


32. The word ‘caste’ taken from which language?


33. The highest amount of element found on Earth?


34. Bolometer is a instrument that measures-


35. Eatable part of a coconut is?


36. Who has been awarded the Frederick Pincat Award for 2017?


37. Batting average is 50 runs for 40 players in one innings. His maximum score is 172 runs with his minimum score. If these two shifts are removed, the average of the remaining 38 innings is 48 runs. Is the player’s maximum score?


38. All the books in Shelf B have 4/5 in Shelf A. If 25% of A books are transferred to B and 25% of books from B are transferred to A, then what will be the percentage of total number of books in A?


39. What is the number of judges in International Court of Justice?


40. According to the principles of state policy director, what age is expected to provide free and compulsory education to children?


41. In which field Booker Prize is given –


42. In which state is Tehri hydro power project located?


43. Whose unit is ‘therm’?


44. Epidemic disease can be avoided and it is treated by eating some weeds, because they are abundant-


45. S.I. of Young Elastic Coefficient What is the alphabet?


46. ??Who makes the sound of the highest intensity?


47. In which city was the ‘National Conference on Down Syndrome’ organized?


48. Compound interest of two consecutive years on a sum of Rs. 225 and Rs. 238.50 Accordingly, what is the annuity rate of interest?


49. A car can determine some distance in 9/2 hours. If speed is increased by 5 km / h, then it will take half an hour to reduce the same distance. So is the slow speed of the car?


50. Which of the following is a ‘All India Dalit Class Mahasangh’ set up in the year 1920?


51. What is the name of the following which is to turn the images into such digital data that can be stored in the computer?


52. The fatty substance happen to eat more?


53. The name of the respiratory organ in earthworm-


54. In which state does the cancer line not pass?


55. What is the reason why a substance absorbs moisture in the atmosphere?


56. Who was the first railway terminus in India?


57. The main means of transport is in the Indian economy?


58. A dishonest fruit seller sells his goods at cost price, but one kilo weighs 900 grams instead of load. Accordingly, what is the percentage of its profit?


59. The average of seven numbers is 18. Accordingly, if there is a number 17 in them and converted into 31, how much will the average be?


60. World Down syndrome day is celebrated on which day in the world?


61. In which city will the Union Minister of Tribal Affairs Jual Oram launch “e-Tribes India”?


62. What is not a fundamental unit?


63. Which biomass energy is not an example?


64. When was the Kisan Call Center built?


65. Where did India’s first metro train go?


66. Jaswant Singh Sumanbhai Bhabhra is the Minister of State for Tribal Affairs. What constituency are they related to?


67. Rohit has Bought a bicycle Rs. 1000 and its Sold in Rs. 1200. Take advantage of its percentage?


68. There are 300 pages in a book and on each page there are 20 rows of 10-10 words. How many words are there in the book?


69. If 228 = 12 and 337 = 16, then 569 =?


70. An example of kinetic energy is-


71. What is the conversion of sugar into alcohol by yeast?


72. Molecule in methane (CH4) –


73. Name the lamp group of India located in the Arabian Sea.


74. Who is the author of ‘Das Capitol’ book?


75. Who has recently appointed an independent director of the International Council?


76. The Games India School Games have just ended, which state has won the highest medal in it?


77. 9kg 8 grams change in Kgram.


78. A car selling in Rs 64,000 Shri Rao suffered 20% loss Accordingly, what was the cost-value of that car?


79. Mixing of gold and copper in the ratio of 7: 2 and 7:11 respectively, two alloys A and B have been made. Accordingly, if both of them are melted and a third alloy C is prepared, then what will be the ratio of gold to copper in C?


80. Which railway area has become the first railway area with 100% LED light recently?


81. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has just recently inaugurated the annual ‘Janandriya Mahotsav’?


82. In which state are the Shivalik hills ?


83. ‘What is the purpose of continuous sustainable development-


84. Due to diseases of poles and smallpox?


85. Who recently released a book “India of My Dreams” at a function in Delhi?


86. Which of these not a fish?


87. GST is the first state to implement the law-


88. What is called tissue, which helps in water transport in plants?


89. In 2008, 31% of employees paid taxes. The remaining employees who do not pay taxes are 20,700. Accordingly, how much is the total number of employees?


90. A car is moving with a speed of 108 km / hour, how much distance will it be in 15 seconds?


91. India has the oldest mountain range.


92. The total bones in the human skull?


93. The organization of the Government of India is to control corruption?


94. Which is the largest public sector organization in the country?


95. Which was the main factor which had a profound effect on the nature of urbanization?


96. Which state government has announced the introduction of new topic of Happiness course for students from nursery to class VIII?


97. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has recently imposed a fine of Rs 135.86 crore on which online search engine?


98. Rama had Rs. 2000 . He spent Rs. 300. What percentage of the money did he spend?


99. The study Agrostrology is related?


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