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1. Where is the National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) located?


2. During whose reign Huansang came to visit India?


3. Which of the following terms is not related to the event of global warming?


4. An observer on the lunar surface will see the sky during the day?


5. The rate of diffusion rate of oxygen and hydrogen gas is?


6. The difference between an angle of an equilateral and an external angle is 600, so is the number of sides of polygon?


7. ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ??? ?? ?????? 3:5 ??, ??? ???? ??? ?? ??? 80 ??? 10 ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ?????


8. What is the name of Canadian Mathematician who has won the Abel Prize for 2018.


9. In what list of constitution, the division of power between the center and the states has been described?


10. Who is studied in pedology?


11. What is made by mixing two or more purified substances in any proportion?


12. Who had the responsibility of political correspondence in the administration of King Shivaji?


13. Select the related word / number-
Garage: Mottercar :: Airplane?


14. Where is the headquarters of Europe?


15. Ghoomar is the main folk dance of which state?


16. What is the capital of Belgium?


17. Who has been re-elected as the President of Nepal?


18. What is the smallest 6-digit number that is completely divisible by 108?


19. The ratio of boys and girls in a class is 5: 3. If there are 520 boys in the school, then know the number of girls in that school?


20. Who was the founder of Red Army?


21. Which virus was first discovered in the following?


22. In the enzymes, which of the following are in a series?


23. Who first started using the electric chemical cell?


24. If A = 26, SON = 33, then CAR =?


25. Who distinguished the philosophy of ‘Distinguished Philosophy’?


26. The maximum number of two numbers is 96, and their smallest number is 1296. If there is a number 864 in them, then what is the other?


27. On an item with cost value of Rs.8000, Rs. The sale price of 11,200 is mentioned. Even if it is sold at 12% profit by giving x% discount, what will be the value of x?


28. Who is the International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP) Asia Pacific Regional Conference was inaugurated in New Delhi?


29. Stephen Hawking has died recently. What was that?


30. Which of the following Acts had the Diwasan established in the provinces?


31. Which of the following is an example of simple harmonic motion?


32. A solid needle placed on the water page floats on the water-


33. Both the ALU and the control section have special purpose storage facilities, which are called-


34. What is the use of a static electroplator to control?


35. In an examination, a student had to obtain 33 % of the maximum marks to pass. He got 125 marks and failed by 40 marks. The maximum marks were-


36. There is 30% sugar in a solution of 75 grams of sugar. Accordingly, how much sugar should be mixed in the solution and 70% of sugar in the solution should be done?


37. Who is the Minister of State for Civil Aviation?


38. Who developed the atom bomb?


39. Which of the following fluids is the best driver of heat?


40. Who inaugurated the World Hindi Secretariat building in Mauritius?


41. When did the United States declare its freedom struggle?


42. In 1748, at which end was the X-La Chapel Treaty?


43. The average of 20 items is 47. Later it was found that one item was written 26 instead of 62. Accordingly according to the average of all.


44. The cost value of oranges is equal to the sale price of 16 oranges. According to the percentage of the profits received on them accordingly?


45. Which part of solar radiation heat the solar cooker?


46. ??1 bar is equal?


47. Who will be the fastest computer to mimic brain function?


48. In which state is the Simbalwara National Park located?


49. Who among the following is called the iron rule of wages?


50. Which of the crops comes under insurance?


51. If a boat is 100 km in the direction of the stream in 10 hours Walks and 75 kms in 15 hours against the stream. If you move, then what is the speed of the stream?


52. In an examination, where the integer was 500, A got 10% less than B, in which B got 25% more than C and C got 20% less than D. Accordingly, if A has got 360 points, then what did D get by percentage of full score?


53. Will the 106th edition of Indian Science Congress be organized?


54. Army Chief Jalal Bipin Rawat has released a book titled ‘Parveer Parvaan’ on the Param Vir Chakra Award winners. It is written by whom?


55. found in tomato sauce?


56. The cathode used in the dry cell is?


57. Under which of the following the basic rights have been granted to citizens of India?


58. Gradual discount given at the rate of 20%, 15% and 10% will be equal to the percentage of a single exemption?


59. Which of the following is not a natural source of hydrocarbon?


60. Which of the following is the book titled “The Heart of India”?


61. Which game is associated with Tommy Imaan Gold Cup?


62. Iron a substance in rust is?


63. Expression 26n-42n, where n is a natural number, is always divisible-


64. The list price of a shirt is Rs 440 and a customer pays Rs 396 for it. The discount rate is?


65. Which Bollywood actress has been appointed as brand ambassador of a non-profit organization “Education Girls”?


66. What is the currency of Norwegian?


67. For safety, cooking LPG By filling in gas cylinder, the gas is made odor so that the leakage situation can be detected early?


68. The cell’s powerhouse is?


69. The idle time of the eunuch hall?


70. Which state has the oldest cathedral in India?


71. Which of the following instruments is associated with the name of Mr. Palaghat Mani Ayyer?


72. In which year India won the first Olympic hockey gold medal?


73. The sum of a pair of positive integers is 336 and their maximum is 21. the number of such possible combinations is?


74. A can do a work for 21 days. B is 40% more efficient than A B is the day expected to end the same work alone?


75. By combining the gold and copper in the ratio of 7: 2 and 7:11 respectively, two alloys A and B have been made. Accordingly, if they are melted and they are made to form a third alloy C, then will the ratio of gold and constellation in C be?


76. What is the acronym ATM?


77. Complete the following sequence: SCD, TEF, UGH,?, WKL


78. In which city is the meeting of 7th India-Egypt Joint Commission?


79. Manu Bhaker is related to which game?


80. What usually happens in antioxidant substances?


81. Which of the following is a triangular molecule?


82. What is the functioning of the movement related to?


83. Which of the following is true?
Rivers Source (origin)
A.Brahmaputra – Mansarovar
B.Son – Chota Nagpur Plateau
C.Damodar – Amarkantak Plateau
D.Ramganga – Uttaranchal


84. If A: B = 4: 9 and B: C = 2: 3, then (A + B): (A + C) is-


85. One character contains 60 liters of acid and water solution, of which 80% is acid. How much water should be mixed in it that a solution of 60% acid becomes?


86. The chemical formula of Quick Lime is?


87. Five years ago, the average age of P and Q was 25 years. Today’s average age of P, Q and R is 25 years. Will the age of R after five years?


88. Which is the highest gallantry award in the highest battle in India?


89. Which of the following formed by Keshavchandra Sen?


90. Who has won the Asian Billiards Championship title?


91. Who will be the flag bearer of Indian team at the inaugural ceremony of Commonwealth Games?


92. Some tafees are worth Rs. 10 have been bought at the rate of 11 and the same number is Rs. At the rate of 9 in 10 If all Rs. If one is sold at the rate of toffee, then is the profit or loss percentage?


93. A man by boats 40 kms in 8 hours The upward flow runs and 36 kilometers in 6 hours Downstream. Then speed of flow is?


94. Who were the first Indian Governor-General of independent India?


95. When was the Kalidas Award instituted?


96. How many groups of algae are there in the plant kingdom?


97. What is the unit of power of lens in the S.I. system?


98. Which of the applications has been started by the Government of Kerala to give Government Censors through a unified interface?


99. Rashid Khan has become the fastest bowler to take 100 ODIs (ODIs) wickets. From which country?


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