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1. Carborundum is the second name of which of the following?


2. How many atoms are in a mole of gas on ATP?


3. Which vitamins are very variable and are destroyed from the time of cooking and storage, which is it?


4. Who invented the airplane?


5. The angles of a heptagon are in proportion to 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 7: 8. What’s the minimum angle?


6. The circumference of a triangle is 40 cm And its area is 60 cm 2. If the longest side of the triangle is 17 cm, then the length of the smallest arm is how many cm Will be


7. A shopkeeper gives 10% discount to his plan, then earns 20% profit. Accordingly, the face value of that item will be, which costs Rs. 450?


8. Which one of the following states is located in a nominal name, the coal field?


9. When there is an official change in the exchange rate of the domestic currency, it says-


10. In whose favor the inflation reciprocates the income and the money?


11. Which state government has announced the retirement age of government employees to be 62 years?


12. Who has been appointed as the President of Himachal Hockey?


13. Select the word / letter related to the given options. NUMERAL: UEALRMN:: ALGEBRA:?


14. Fish: Shalk :: Bears:?


15. A and B’s weekly income ratio is 9: 7 and their expense ratio is 4: 3. If both individuals are Rs. If you save 200, then what will be the sum of weekly income of both of them?


16. If in three numbers, the first number is double the second and tripled to the third. If the average of these three numbers is 49.5, how much is the difference between the first and the third?


17. The average of 50 numbers is 30. Later it was found that two numbers were accidentally written 82 and 13 instead of 28 and 31. How much will the correct average be?


18. The Red Data Book gives information about those nations, which-


19. Iodine Harmon is-


20. Who was the first computer made available for commercial use?


21. What subsidy was presented in the budget?


22. The Intergovernmental Council has been constituted under the Article of the Constitution?


23. Who makes the final decision for any bill to get the bill?


24. Who has been appointed as the Protem Chairman of the Lalit Kale Akademi?


25. Choose the pair of numbers, which is not part of the group due to the absence of universality-


26. Write the following words in the order given in the dictionary- Dissident 2. Dissolve 3. Dissent 4. Dissoluten 5. Dissolution


27. A shopkeeper gives a discount of 5% on selling a watch. If he gives a 6% discount on it, then he will get the benefit of less than 15 rupees. Accordingly, how much will the face value of that watch be?


28. If the price of sugar increases by 25%, then what percentage of the household will have to reduce the consumption of sugar, so that the sugar consumption does not increase?


29. If 30% of A is appended to B to 40% then it becomes 80% of B. According to the percentage of B, what is the percentage?


30. what age does the Supreme Court judge retire?


31. In India, the post of Lokpal was created on the suggestion of which of the following?


32. Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly?


33. Complete the following category-
8, 15, 36, 99, 288,?


34. Communication Network, which is used by large organizations in the regional, national and global sectors, is called-


35. Atmospheric air is kept on the earth-


36. What is the work of ball bearings in the wheels?


37. Select related words- Author: Pen::?


38. Who has been appointed as the head of Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of BCCI?


39. Who has been voted ‘Best Player of the Year’ for 2017 in the Telangana Sports Journalist Union Annual Awards?


40. Loktak Lake is in which state?


41. Who called the “Return to the Vedas back”?


42. When Bal Gangadhar Tilak said, “Swaraj is my birthright and I will take it”.


43. Who among the following British people acknowledged that the revolt of 1857 was a national rebellion?


44. The cost value of an item is 40% of its sales price. Accordingly, what percentage of its cost value will its selling price?


45. If X * Y = (X + Y) 2 (Y-1), then the value of 5 * 4 would be-


46. If the sum of two numbers is multiplied by those numbers, then the product comes in 247 and 114, respectively. According to the sum of those numbers?


47. The push-coasts are often made of steel, because the-


48. What is found in white lung disease?


49. Which protein is responsible for becoming a blood clot?


50. Choose the right word- 17:60 :: 20:?


51. C.V. Rajendran has passed away recently. He was..


52. Who was the Ambassador of Unani sent to Chandragupta Maurya’s court?


53. Should the European power reach out to whom Shivaji got artillery and ammunition?


54. Konkan Railway connects-


55. If after giving a discount of 18%, a book is sold for Rs 1599, then what will be the marked price of the book?


56. The average of 3 consecutive even numbers is A. If next 5 even numbers are added, then what is the average of these 8 numbers?


57. While selling an article for Rs 18450, a person suffered a loss of 50%. At what price he should have sold the article (in Rs) to earn a profit of 50%?


58. An artificial ecosystem is assessed-


59. What is the fluid working in refrigerators?


60. Mixing gypsum in portland cement helps-


61. If 228 = 12 and 337 = 16, Then 569=?


62. Banwarilal Purohit is the Governor of Which state?


63. Mukesh Ambani has been which ranked on Bloomberg Billionaires Top100 Index?


64. The bark of this tree is used as a spice-


65. Where is the layer of ozone located?


66. Which of the following is called ‘Shrimfha Capital of India’?


67. The present population of a town is 26010. It increases annually at the rate of 2%. What was the population of town 2 years ago?


68. What is the compound interest (in Rs) for 1 year on a sum of Rs 20000 at the rate of 40% per annum compounding half yearly?


69. Who are the liberators of the Indian press?


70. During the Indian Independence struggle, who created an army called Free Indian Legion?


71. Helps in digestion of saliva?


72. the largest bone in the human body?


73. Select the one below that is different from the other three-


74. In which District of Uttar Pradesh, NTPC has commissioned the first unit of 1,320 MW super-critical Mejathermal project?


75. Rafael Nadal has reached the top spot in the men’s Association of Tennis Professionals world singles rankings. Heis from whichcountry?


76. Which of the following books has been written by a great poet?


77. Since the Free and Compulsory Education and Right to Children (RTI) Act 2009, came into force?


78. If medians of a triangle have lengths 18 cm, 24 cm and 30 cm, then what is the area (in cm2) of the triangle?


79. A cricketer has an average of 60 runs in 10 innings. How many runs did he make in the eleventh innings so that his average increased to 62?


80. What will be the average of the first 18 multiples of 6?


81. A circular park is a 7 meter wide road, which has a circumference of 176 meters. What is the area of ??the road?


82. Which of the following is the maximum amount of nitrogen available in fertilizer?


83. Component of Automobile Rectal which can cause cancer


84. Producer gas is produced in chemical form-


85. In the following question, select the related word from the given alternatives.
Player : Team : : Minister : ?


86. What is the Capital of Croatia?


87. In which city Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, in collaboration with the UNICEF, has organised the National Media Dialogue onSatyagraha seSwachhagraha?


88. Who has been appointed as Deputy Election Commissioner?


89. Which Team has won the Santosh Trophy Football title for the sixth time?


90. One angle is 3? / 5 radians. How much will it measure in degrees?


91. 100 meter-long a car crosses 50 km / hr and crosses the 120-meter-long car coming from opposite direction in 6 seconds. The second train is the trick-


92. 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 + 11 + 13 + 15 + …… What will be the sum of up to 15 posts?


93. The rule of hook applies to the following:


94. What is the point where the resulting force works on a water submerged page?


95. Salt Lake Stadium is situated in which State?


96. Who has won the Men’s Singles title at Miami Open Tennis Tournament?


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