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1. In a city having population of 4000, 3000 people eat Eggs, 2000 people eat meat and 1500 people eat both meat and eggs. How many of these are pure vegetarians?


2. How much is the compound interest of 8000 and the difference of simple interest, at the rate of 5% in 3 years?


3. A person sells an object at 20% profit. If he buys it in 20% less and Rs. 5 sells in less, then it has 25% profit. the purchase price of the item?


4. If A’s income is 20% higher than the income of B, then how much percentage is the income from B’s income?


5. A tank can be filled in 4 hours by a faucet, while a second tap can empty it in 9 hours. If both tapes are opened together, how long will it take to fill the tank?


6. A, B and C together can do any work within 10 days. A alone can do the same work in 24 days. Both A and B worked together for 12 days and how many days would C take to complete the remaining work?


7. A shopkeeper places 30% more value at the purchase price of his baggage and gives 10% discount to the buyer. Thus, it is worth Rs. 102 has the advantage, how much did he spare on that item?


8. The average of runs scored by a cricketer is 50, its 11th. How many runs did he make in the innings, so that the average of his runs would increase to 2?


9. If 7x is equal to 1/343, then will the value of x be?


10. Suresh starts his job with a fixed monthly salary and receives a fixed salary increase every year. If after 4 years his salary is Rs. After 1200 and 11 years of service, Rs. How much was the initial salary of 1550?


11. If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and its width is reduced by 20%, then does its alteration change?


12. If a / 2b = 3/2, then 2a + b / a-2b is equal to whom?


13. What will be the value of Sin6?+cos6? ?


14. In the given triangle ABC, ?B =900 then what will be the value of cos??


15. With two sources In simple terms received after 3 years on Rs 1500, The difference of 13.50 . What will be the difference in their interest rates?


16. Ramu’s mother said to Ramu, “My mother has a son whose son is Achyut”. What does Achyut have to do with Ramu?


17. Arun runs faster than Ilias, but Dinesh is not as fast as it is. Dinesh runs faster than Chandar, but not as much as Vikram. Does the fastest angle bend?


18. Select the word from the given options, which can be made from the letters of the given word?


19. Find out the missing letters from the given options. A, D, G, J, M, P,?


20. Lactometer is of one type-


21. What is the quantity of relative density?


22. Pressure on a fixed point in a fluid does not depend on-


23. The weight of a solid object is w. When it floats in the water, what will be his virtual weight?


24. The frequency band of UHF is-


25. What is the use of Admiral Bronze?


26. The temperature of a person is 600C, so what will be its temperature in Fahrenheit?


27. What is the relation between kanthamala or goiter disease?


28. What is the largest body in the human body?


29. Where is the Headquarters of Bank of India?


30. When was the gupta started from the following?


31. Which of the following kings did the famous Kailash Temple in Ellora?


32. Who among the following was the first Sultan of Delhi?


33. Which book was written by Lord Krishna Rai?


34. Homerul league was established-


35. For the first time in India in 1853, from which place was the train journey started?


36. All the causes of production in the socialist economy, whose ownership and control remain in control?


37. there a state largest producing mustard seed?


38. If 3×3 = 18, 4×4 = 32, 7×7 = 98, then 6×6 =?


39. If 4-4 = 17, 6-6 = 37, 2-2 = 5 then 5-5 =?


40. Who is known for which Anantpur district is located in Andhra Pradesh?


41. Mewati is a species of which race?


42. Where is the headquarters of the United Nations?


43. There is no change in his demand when there is more change in the value of the item. What will it be called as demand?


44. If two successive discounts of 50% and 10% are offered, then what is the net discount (in %)?


45. The average age of 6 members of a family is 20 years. If the age of the servant is included, then the average age increase by 25%. What is the age (in years) of the servant?


46. For an article the profit is 190% of the cost price. If the cost price increase by 10% but the selling price remains same, then profit is what percentage of selling price (approximately)?


47. Jitu Rai has won the 8th Gold Medal for India at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. He is from which state?


48. Tissue disease affects which part of body?


49. What type of gas is used in vegetable ghee?


50. What is the value of PH purified water?


51. Which of the following is not usually required for germination from the following?


52. Acid varies-


53. In a given language, TEACHER is written VGCEJGT, how will CHILDREN be written in that same language?


54. Find the correct answer. Window: Curtain ::?


55. Gandhiji was a true supporter-


56. Who was the famous Jain scholar, whose Akbar was very respected?


57. Where was ‘Ek Bharat Great Bharat’ program organized in October, 2017?


58. Who has inaugurated Scientific Convention on World Homoeopathy Day in New Delhi?


59. Three solid spheres of radius 3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm are melted and recasted into a solid sphere. What will be the percentage decrease in the surface area?


60. The marked price of a sofa set is Rs 4800 which is sold at Rs 3672 at two successive discounts. If the first discount is 10%, then what will be the second discount (in %)?


61. If A has got 20% more marks than B, then by what percent marks of B are less than the marks of A?


62. Where is the headquarters of West Central Zone of Indian Railways situated?


63. Which of the following is not a component of a state?


64. According to the Indian Constitution, whose minister will hold office till the will?


65. The Parliament includes-


66. Who decides whether a bill, money bill or not?


67. Which of the following rights has not been given as a fundamental right by the Indian Constitution?


68. Select the mismatch of the following.


69. One post in this series is wrong. Tell that wrong post.
8, 14, 26, 48, 98, 194, 386


70. Who is the Chairman of 15th Finance Commission?


71. Which of the following Akshay Nidhas determined by Dr. Alfred Nobel has not been awarded the Nobel Prize?


72. the full form of MAN?


73. What is the simplified value of cosec 2A + cot 2A?


74. What is the least value of tan2? + cot2 ? + sin2 ? + cos2 ? + sec2 ? + cosec2 ? ?


75. If Rs 2500 becomes to Rs 2970.25 in 2 years at compound interest compounded annually, then what is the yearly rate of interest (in %)?


76. Which Day is observed as the World Homoeopathy Day?


77. Harike Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state?


78. Who has been conferred with the “Order of the Lion” the highest civilian honour of Swaziland?


79. Pointing to a girl, one person said, “My uncle is the uncle of this girl’s uncle.” Which person is related to that girl?


80. World Food India Conference 2017 was organized in which city?


81. When was the ‘League of Nations’ established?


82. Khetri is famous for which Rajasthan?


83. Which of the following rivers forms the aquarium (esurai)?


84. an important river of the Indian Desert?


85. On which river was the Nagarjunasagar dam built?


86. By selling 175 guavas, the gain is equal to the selling price of 50 guavas. What is the gain percentage?


87. If there are four lines in a plane, then what cannot be the number of points of intersection of these lines?


88. In the following question, select the odd word from the given alternatives.


89. In the following question, select the odd number from the given alternatives.


90. Which of the following carries oxygen to various parts of human body?


91. Which of the following function is performed by the kidneys in the human body?


92. Which of the following country is not a member of BRICS association?


93. With which of its neighbouring country India has Kalapani territorial dispute?


94. Viktor Orban has been elected as the Prime Minister of ?


95. Where is the Headquarters of National Institution for Transforming India (NITIAayog)?


96. Arrange the given words in the sequence in which they occur in the dictionary.
1. Ball 2 . Balanced 3 . Balls 4 . Balance 5 . Balancing


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