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1. Which of these is related to the temple situated near Pushkar lake in Rajasthan?


2. With whom is the project related to Bharatam?


3. Who is called the father of cricket?


4. Who is India’s first female teacher?


5. What is INS Kalantan?


6. Which letter group will come in a queue place in the following series?
prt,?, bdf, hji, npr


7. Which of the following Harappan sites is not in Gujarat?

8. Where is the origin of Indira Gandhi Canal?


9. Who formed the secret society of revolutionaries, who created the innovative India?


10. Which of the following types of coal contains more carbon percentage?


11. In the following question, select the related word from the given alternatives.


12. The third digit of the rule set should be the sum of the first two digits and the fourth digit should be the product of the first two digits. Which of the following sets are set according to the above rule?


13. Choose from the following option, which meets the given series. 4, 8, 7, 11, 22, 21, 25, 50,?


14. Rahul has 330 kg Rice Rs. Bought at 900 per coupled rate. His two-thirds sold at 10% profit. What rate is the balance sold, so that it has a 20% profit over the total?


15. Which of the following are decorated in different descending order?


16. The sum of digits of a digit of two digits is 10. If the points of the points are changed, then the new number is 18 less than the initial number. What is the initial number?


17. What were called foreign friends in the Maratha empire?


18. Who was the founder of Autonomous State of Oudh?


19. Choose who is different from the following


20. Choose what is different.


21. How many numbers are there from 700 to 950 (including both) which are neither divisible by 3 nor by 7?


22. Which of the following is India’s largest producer and exporter of the following?


23. Where is the Greek-Roman art found?


24. What language was Buddhist religious literature written in?


25. The length of two parallel sides of a trapezium are 18 m and 24 m. If its height is 12 m, then what is the area (in m2) of the trapezium ?


26. If TEN is indicated from 256 and the SIXTY is indicated from 19827, what will be the SIXTEEN signal in the same code?


27. What was invented by Zacharias Jansen?


28. Insert missing points in the given trend.
2 10 4 3 17 5 3 ? 4


29. Select the number which is not in the sequence of given series.
121, 143, 165, 186, 209


30. pH of the human blood is ______.


31. Five children participate in a sports competition. Each child has to play with each other child. How many games will they have to play?


32. 3 men and 6 boys can complete any work in 2 days. How many days will one man and 1 boy take to complete the same work in 5 days less?


33. What is a bug in computer terminology?


34. Plant tissues are of how many types?


35. How does the weather become?


36. In which field do commercial winds run?


37. insect pollination occur?


38. A tank is full of 1/5. If it takes 500 lbs If the water is put, then the tank will be completely filled. How many liters of water is in the tank?


39. If x: y = 6: 1 then x3-y3: x3 + y3 is equal to value?


40. What will be the sum of the first 60 asymmetrical numbers?


41. If there is a ratio of 3: 1 to its internal and external angles in a polygon, then how many sides of polygon are there?


42. One wealth is to be divided in Praveen, Biki and Kundan in proportion to 2: 3: 5. If the total share of kundan and biku is Rs 1500 more than the share of Praveen, then is the share of kundan?


43. LC of two numbers And ms 48 and 8. If a number of them is 16, what will be the second number?


44. Where is the heat control center located in the human body?


45. Chalukya King Pulakeshin II defeated Harsh on the banks of which river?


46. If the size of the image of an object is smaller than the size of the object, then the amount of magnification will be there?


47. Who publishes the World Economic Outlook report?


48. Which passenger train between India and Bangladesh was started in 2017?


49. What are the most harmful radiations for humans?


50. Of the following planets, whose orbit is closest to the orbit of the Earth?


51. Which of the following birds has binocular vision?


52. What is the quantity of magnetic field intensity in the CGS unit?


53. How is an ESU potential equal to the number of votes?


54. Which of the following depends on the potential of the spinach driver?


55. Which instrument converts mechanical energy into electrical energy?


56. What is the point where the mass of the particles is considered centered, what is called?


57. Which substances are used in the form of rockets, fuel and its oxidation?


58. What is the chemical formula of lime?


59. Which of the following is present in alpha rays and beta rays, but gamma is not in rays?


60. Hariprasad Chaurasia is related to which instrument?


61. Who is the lifeline of the human body?


62. What is FAUN?


63. Which article was amended to make reservation in reservation?


64. If 30% of any number is added in second number, then the second number increases to 1/5 of its present. What is the ratio of first and second numbers?


65. Area of ??a rectangle is 405 square meters. And its length is 25% more than the width. Should the perimeter of the rectangle be?


66. 10 years ago, Neha’s mother was four times as old as Neha. After 10 years, he will be doubled from the age of Neha. How old is Neha?


67. LG Electronics is the company of which country?


68. Who is the creation of Buddha?


69. Which passenger was killed in the flight of space?


70. Where is the National Human Museum?


71. Leh is on the banks of which river?


72. Who settled Srinagar in Kashmir?


73. Which state is the largest wheat production in India?


74. Where are the policy guidelines of the state taken from the constitution?


75. Which country is the world’s largest gold consumption?


76. The move of a boat is 4 km / h in calm water. If the movement of the stream is 1 km / h, then 9 km in the opposite direction of the stream. How long will it go?


77. Describe the square root of 84.768849


78. Which of the following diseases can not be prevented by vaccine?


79. Where was the fourth music of Buddhism?


80. skin color deepening hormone?


81. Which mountain ranges divide the waters of Narmada and Tapti rivers?


82. Chambal river does not flow in which of the following states?


83. Where was the first museum established in India on the Indo-Pak partition in August, 2017?


84. If there is no atmosphere on earth then what will be the color of the sky?


85. The weight of human brain?


86. The velocity of a car changes from 20 km / hr to 50 km / h in 10 seconds, then its acceleration?


87. Which country is not related to the Rohingya community refugee problem?


88. the control of medulla oblangeta?


89. the use of oxygen increase the growth of plants?


90. Which of the following plants, is it possible to do somatic pains only?


91. If A = B has 4/5 and B is equal to C, then the ratio of A: C is going to be?


92. Which of these metals is used in making bulb filaments?


93. The average age of 11 cricket players is 20 years. If their teacher’s age is also included, the average age increases by 10%. What is the teacher’s age?


94. Which metal is not in German silver?


95. A man has some things Rs. P buys per penny per dozen. And Rs. p / 8 sells per item. Its profit is percentage-


96. Which of the following operating system software is used to start any computer?


97. Which of the following statements is true?


98. What type of virus is the computer virus called 1260?


99. What is the language of the web?


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