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1. Which among the following Mughal Emperor was illiterate?


2. Where was the ‘Azad Hind Fauj’ founded?


3. Strait of Malacca separates which two land masses?


4. Who appoints Governor of a state in India?


5. Which of the following is not a plant hormone?


6. The ratio of speed of three racers is 3 : 4 : 6. What is the ratio of time taken by the three racers to cover the same distance?


7. In a match, average of runs scored by 7 players is 53. If the runs scored by 6 players are 121, 40, 26, 56, 37 and 48, then how many runs did the 7th player scored?


8. Suraj buys an old bicycle for Rs 2700 and spends Rs 500 on its repairs. If he sells the bicycle for Rs 3520, then what is his profit percentage?


9. If the price of onion increases from Rs 24/kg to Rs 36/kg, then by what percentage a household should decrease the consumption of onion so that expenditure remains same?


10. India has been ranked spot in the Index of Economic Freedom released by Heritage Foundation.


11. Who is Minister of Mines?


12. In the following question, select the related word pair from the given alternatives.
Canada : Ottawa : : ? : ?


13. In the following question, select the related letters from the given alternatives.
7 : 48 : : 11 : ?


14. Nephron is related to which of the following system of human body?


15. Which Vitamin is obtained from Sun rays?


16. Speed of light is maximum in _____


17. What is the SI unit of electric current?


18. What is the simplified value of (cos A + sin A)(cot A + tan A)?

19. Kanchan bought a clock with 25% discount on marked price. She sold it with 75% gain on the price she bought. What was her profit percentage on the marked price?


20. The average age of 24 students is 12 years. It was observed that while calculating the average age, the age of a student was taken as 14 years instead of 8 years. What will be the correct average age (in years)?


21. ratio of the volume of two cylinders is 7 : 3 and the ratio of their heights is 7 : 9. If the area of the base of the second cylinder is 154 cm2, then what will be the radius (in cm) of the first cylinder?


22. India and which country have signed an MOU in the field of Mining and Geology for a periodof 5 years.


23. Anandiben Patel is a governor of which state?


24. What is the currency of Denmark?


25. An IP address is _____ bit number.


26. One wealth is to be divided in Praveen, Biki and Kundan in proportion to 2: 3: 5. If the total share of kundan and biku is Rs 1500 more than the share of Praveen, then is the share of kundan?


27. Process of loosing electrons is known as.


28. Anions are formed by ?


29. Which among the following is the major cause of acid rain?


30. Which of the following country doesn’t matches to its famous tourist place?

31. Who is known for the invention of ‘World Wide Web’?


32. By which least number should 5000 be divided so that it becomes a perfect square?


33. If the radius of the cylinder is increased by 25%, then by how much percent the height must be reduced, so that the volume of the cylinder remains same?


34. The marked price of an article is 20% more than its cost price. If 5% discount is given on the marked price, then what is the profit percentage?


35. If A : B = 2 : 5, B : C = 4 : 3 and C : D = 2 : 1, then what is value of A : C : D?


36. Who has been appointed Director General of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)?


37. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched the which Navigation Satellite.


38. In the following question, select the odd number pair from the given alternatives.

39. Arrange the given words in the sequence in which they occur in the dictionary.
1. Dillydallying 2 . Dillydallied 3 . Dillydally 4 . Dilled 5 .Dillydallies


40. Which amongst the following is not a component of monetary policy in India?


41. Who among the following is not a member of any of the two houses of our country?


42. Which article of Indian constitution has the provision for National Emergency?


43. Who led the Bardoli Satyagraha movement?


44. Who is known as the ‘Father of Indian Unrest’?


45. Which of the following region is covered by tropical evergreen forest?


46. The final boundary between the Earth and the outer space is called.


47. What is the name of the hormone produced by thymus gland?


48. ?0.09, 3?0.064, 0.5 and 3/5 is the largest number?


49. The maximum number of the two numbers is 96 and their smallest common correspondent is 1296. If one number is 864, then what is the other number?


50. 28 cm of a metal The diagonal curved sheet has been turned into an open conical bowl. Accordingly, what is the depth of that cup?


51. What is the full form of HTML ?


52. Which of the following Ministry of Official Language comes under the Ministry?


53. Which of the following is not a jurisdiction of Bombay High Court?


54. In which of the following states, Kakrapara nuclear power station is situated?


55. Which one of the following is famous for the construction of railway coaches?


56. Which one of the following rivers gets accessed from the Arabian Sea?


57. Betla National Park is located in which state?


58. Who has been appointed as the chairman of Banks BoardBureau(BBB)?


59. In the following question, from the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.


60. In a certain code language, “CASIO” is written as “3119915”. How is “CITIZEN” written in that code language?


61. The ratio of the radius and height of a cone is 4: 3. Accordingly, what is the ratio of the area of ??its curved surface and the total surface area?


62. A man and a woman can work together in 18 working days. The ratio of their efficiency in doing that task is 3: 2. Accordingly, how many days will that woman take to complete that task alone?


63. To complete one task, A takes less than 10 days in comparison to B. If both A and B can complete that work within 12 days, then how long will one day take to complete the task alone?


64. The gradual discount given at the rate of 20%, 15% and 10% will be equal to the percentage of one single exemption?


65. Which country has banned ‘Facebook’ ?


66. Which one of the following is known as Suolakuchi?


67. Which one of the following is a scurvy due to?


68. Which of the following Indian states is not a common international border with Bangladesh?


69. Which one of the following is located in the state of Rihand Valley Project?


70. The city of Nashik is situated on the banks of which river?


71. Who was the first chairman of the Planning Commission?


72. Who among the following was the fourth President of an independent India?


73. The quantity of acids and water in two pottery A and B are in the ratio of 4: 3 and 2: 3, respectively. Accordingly, in the ratio of those blends to form a new mixture in the C pot, what ratio should they mix, so that the amount of acid and water in the new mixture will be half-halved?


74. Rs. 8000 on an item with a cost value of Rs. The sale price of 11200 is mentioned. Even if it is sold at 12% profit by giving x% discount, what will be the value of x?


75. In the modern India, whose first census took place?


76. Coal mines often have explosive gas –


77. What is the largest tribal community in India?


78. Who defines the constitution?


79. In which field is Gyanpeeth Award given?


80. The reason for forest cover is less?


81. Jaduguda is famous for which of the following?


82. Anish Bhanwala has won the 16th Gold Medal for India at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. He is related to whichsports?


83. Tejaswini Sawant has won the 15th Gold Medal for India at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She is from which state?


84. The average of 20 items is 47. Later it was found that an item was written 26 instead of 62. Accordingly what is the correct average?


85. Cost value of 20 oranges is equal to the selling price of 16 oranges. According to how much percentage will the profits received on them?


86. Tell the number of those points in the plane of the triangle, which are at the same distance from the sides of the point?


87. Which of the following is not a natural port of India?


88. Is the safe temperature to keep the food fresh in the refrigerators?


89. Computer’s I.C. Chips are often made of whom?


90. Who made the first computer?


91. 30 grams of sugar in a solution of 75 grams of sugar, according to how many sugar should be mixed in that solution and sugar percentage in sugar should be 70%?


92. If a boat runs 100 km in the direction of the stream in 10 hours and runs 75 km in 15 hours against the stream, then what is the speed of the stream?


93. Where is the Headquarters of Bandhan Bank?


94. In which country 11th World Hindi Conference (WHC) will beheld?


95. Who is Minister of State for Civil Aviation?


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