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1. The name of the blood pressure measurement is-


2. What is the element deficiency disease of the stroke?


3. In the following what is presence, sweetness comes in milk?


4. What was the name of Ujjain in ancient times?


5. Who defeated the Marathas in the third battle of Panipat?


6. Who is the author of Humayunamma?


7. When the Rowlett Act was passed, who was the Viceroy of India at that time?


8. The woman who lead the Revolution of 1857 in Awadh?


9. When did Mahatma Gandhi launched the first fast unto death?


10. Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state?


11. Sushil Kumar has won the 14th Gold Medal for India at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. He is related to which sports?


12. If the value of 16% of x is equal to 12% of 48, then is the value of x?


13. One fund in 4 years, on ordinary interest Rs. In 815 and 4 years, it is Rs. 854. Is that money?


14. A shopkeeper expects a profit of 22.5% on his purchase price. If someone has a week, 392, how much profit did he have to make?


15. One person Buying a bicycle in Rs 1400 sold it at a loss of 15%. How much is the sale price of a bicycle?


16. Shyam has Bought 20 dozen toys at Rs 375 per dozen. Of all the toys he has to Rs. Sold at the rate of 33. What is the percentage of its profit?


17. Tehri Hydroelectric Complex Which of the following is situated on a river?


18. What is the reason for the deviation of the wind in the southern hemisphere?


19. Who was the first Lok Sabha Speaker?


20. In the following question, select the related word from the given alternatives.
Hockey : Stick : : Boxing : ?


21. In the following question, select the related letters from the given alternatives.
FS : LY : : IV : ?


22. India has Signed Loan Agreement with World Bank for USD _______ Million for Meghalaya Community – Led Landscapes Management Project.


23. Some item is Rs. The percentage of profit earned on selling in 1920, the same thing is Rs. The sale of 1280 is equal to the percentage of the loss. How much value should be sold in the price of 25% Rupee.


24. The price of 5 tables and 7 chairs is Rs. 3350 . And 4 tables and 3 chairs are price Rs. 1900. the price of a chair?


25. The value of an item is Rs. 350 is. If the salesman sells it for profit of 14%, then the sale price of the item is?


26. A fruit seller had some apples It sells 40% of apples and still has 420 apples. How many apples did he have at the beginning?


27. A work can be completed in 15 days and B can complete that work within 20 days. If they work together for 4 days, then what part of the work will be left?


28. Which of the following was not a member of the Constituent Assembly?


29. During the Presidential rule, the basic rights received under which paragraph can be banned?
C-Article 25-28
D-Article 20-22
Above which is not right-


30. The United Nations Human Development Index has been developed by whom?


31. National income estimates are prepared in India?


32. In the following one is not a characteristics of Indian agriculture?


33. The unemployment problem increases poverty, because-


34. According to Census 2011, on the basis of population of Scheduled Tribes, enable the following states in the decreasing order.
1.Jharkhand 2. Maharashtra 2. Odisha 4. Rajasthan


35. In a certain code language, “ACCOUNT” is written as “DFFRXQW”. How is “MATHS” written in that code language?


36. Rajendra Singh has passed away recently. He was________.


37. Who has launched the DARPAN-PLI Application?


38. A person takes a loan from the bank on simple interest of 12% per annum. After 3 years, he gets Rs. 5400 is to be repaid in the form of interest for this period. Was his loan amount?


39. A batsman scored 110 runs, which includes 3 boundaries and 8 sixes. What percentage of total runs he made while running between wickets?


40. The run rate was only 3.2 in the first 10 overs of a game of cricket. What should be the run rate of remaining 40 overs, to be given the target of 282 runs?


41. According to census 2011, what is the highest literacy rate state?


42. Acid precipitation is-


43. What is the state bird of Uttar Pradesh?


44. Which of the districts in Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of Anwla?


45. Which of the following was established in Agra city?


46. How many years of imprisonment is there for theft of GST?


47. The village watchman responsible for the Uttar Pradesh Police Regulations?


48. Extension of the Human Rights Act, 1933, except for the subjects which come in the list of Jammu and Kashmir states.


49. In the English alphabet, which letter is 13th from right end?


50. According to Randstad Insights Report, Which city has become the highest paying city in India?


51. Phen Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state?


52. A paisari has invested Rs. 6435, Rs.6855, Rs. 7230, Rs .6927 and Rs. Sale of 6562. How much sales should she have in the sixth month that her average sale is Rs. Stay 6500?


53. What will be the probability of the three angles of a triangle?


54. The average length of 30 boys in a class of 50 boys is 160 cm is. If the average length of the remaining boys is 165 cm So, what is the average length of the whole class?


55. Year 2015: Who was given the following from Bharat Ratna posthumously?


56. Army Day is celebrated?


57. What is the currency of Germany?


58. What is the income tax bridge launched on July 10, 2017?


59. In the following question, select the missing number from the given series.
19, 26, 45, 71, 116, ?


60. Arrange the given words in the sequence in which they occur in the dictionary.
1.Effacers 2 . Effacing 3 . Effaceable 4Effacements 5Effacement


61. Who has won the Pulitzer Prize 2018 for Fiction?


62. Where is the Global IT Challenges for Youth Disability 2018 recently organized?


63. A and B can complete one task in 6 days and A alone can do it in 9 days. B. How many days will he complete alone?


64. If the ratio of the two cones to the ratio is 2: 3 and the ratio of the radius of their bases is 1: 2, then their proportion of height will be?


65. 50 meter long one car 100m The length of a platform crosses in 10 seconds. Tell the speed of the car?


66. Which of the following is a semi-conductor?


67. Basmati rice grains grow long on cooking, because it has abundance-


68. What are the stones made of human kidneys due to the following?


69. If any human disease spreads in the larger area of ??the world, then what does it say?


70. Some water to the mixture 75 the ratio of milk and is 2: 1. How much water should be mixed in the mixture, so that the proportion of milk is proportioned to 1: 2?


71. The sum of the squares of two numbers is 146 and the square root of one of them is ?5 The second number will be cube-


72. The largest number by which the remaining 25, 73 and 97 is the same remaining for everyone;


73. Which country has recently joined the International Solar Coalition?


74. Which magazine has been awarded Pulitzer Prize this year?


75. In the following question, select the odd letters from the given alternatives.


76. Who was known by the surname of Lokmanya?


77. What was Kamagatamaru?


78. The Cabinet-Mission of 1946 was led-


79. Who led the freedom struggle of 1857 in Lucknow?


80. Which of the following was given the title of ‘English Khan’ by the Mughal emperor Jahangir?


81. If x is a real number, then what would be the lowest value of (x2-x + 1)?

82. Three numbers which are mutually intolerant, are such that the product of first dose is 551 and the product of the last two is 1073. Is the sum of the three numbers?


83. Which famous swimmer recently made the record for crossing the Bengali channel twice?


84. Which day was the World Heritage Day celebrated recently?


85. Which of the following is water-borne disease?


86. Kunen, which part of the cinchona footprint is found naturally?


87. How many calories do you get by drinking a glass of water?


88. The reason for the sky being blue is the reason-


89. Which of the following is the stem?


90. What is the right to vote in India?


91. In the beginning of the Rigvedic period, which of the following was considered to be a valuable valuable asset?


92. Who were the poligers of South India?


93. What is the sum of natural numbers that divide 100?


94. What is the rank got India in the commonwealth games?


95. Which department was launched recently in DARPAN?


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