1. Bring out the salient features of the Patna Kalam Paintings.      

  2. Discuss the salient features of Mauryan Art.      

  3. Discuss the salient features of Patna Kalam & Painting style.      

  4. Analyse the salient features of matuyan art and architecture.

  5. Describe the salient features of pala architecture and sculpture.       

  6. Discuss the chief characteristics of the Patna Kalam painting.                   

  7. Critical examine the chief characteristics of the Mautyan Art.                     

  8. Critically examine the salient features of Pal Art.      

  9. Identify the main features of the Mauryan Art as found from Bihar.            

  10. Give a description of the main features of Pala art in Bihar.            

  11. What are the distinctive features of Mauryan Sculpture?      

  12. Write an essay on the art and paintings of Bihar.      


  1. Discuss the main causes of the Santhal Uprising. What were its consequences?

  2. “The underlying object of Birsa Movement was internal purification and desire to remove the alien government.” Explain.                       

  3. Discuss the causes and results of revolt of santhals (1855-56) in Bihar.


  1. “Santhal Uprising provides a model of popular armed resistance against British colonialism in India”. Explain.                                                                             

  2. ‘Birsa provided a new religious leadership to the tribal struggles against the British’. Explain.

  3. ‘The Santhal Uprising was the first fierce reaction of the tribals against British colonial rule in India’. Elucidate.                                                                                        

  4. Write a critique of the Birsa Movement with special reference to its nature and the lesson it left on tribal administration.                            

  5. Briefly examine the tribal movements of Bihar with special reference to the Birsa movement.



  1. Critically examine the significance of the Revolt of 1857 with special reference to Bihar.

  2. Critically examine the role of Kunwar Singh in the revolt of 1857

  3. Discuss the causes of the Outbreak of the revolt of 1857 in Bihar and account for its failure?


  1. Evaluate the role of Kunwar Singh in the revolt of 1857.                       

  2. “It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the so-called first national war of independence of 1857 is neither first, nor national, nor a war of independence.” Comment.


  1. What was the significance of Champaran Satyagraha for Peasant Uprisings?


  1. Define Nationalism. How was it addressed by Rabindranath Tagore?                          

  2. Discuss the relevance of Nehru in the making of modem India?                  

  3. Desire the contribution of Bihar in the individual satyagraha of 1940-41.   

  4. Describe the social and cultural significance of the ideas of Rabindra nath Tagore.

  5. Describe the contribution of Bihar to the quit India movement of 1942.

  6. Do you agree with the view that the charnparan satyagraha was a turning point in the history of freedom struggle in India?                               

  7. Throw light on the separation of Bihar from Bengal and the rise of modem Bihar.


  1. Analyze the role of Gandhiji in the Mass Movement of Bihar.                        

  2. Assess the role of different social classes of Bihar in the civil disobedience movement.

  3. Analyze the nature and extent of quit India movement with special reference to Bihar.

  4. Write a critical note on peasant movements in Bihar with special reference swami sharajanand.                                                                                                                                      

  5. The Champaran Satyagraha is an important milestone in the history of freedom movement of India. Elucidate.                          

  6. Discuss the impact of the quit India Movement on Bihar.        

  7. Critically evaluate the views of Gandhi on “Varna-Jati” system. Were they compatible with his activism against untouchability?                                       

  8. How did the particion of Bengal influence the course of India’s freedom struggle? Discuss.


  1. What role did the ‘Azad Dasta’ play in Bihar during the quit India movement?

  2. What message Gandhiji sought to convey through his insistence on Swadeshi?

  3. Discuss the present movements of Bihar in general and the intervention of Gandiji particularly in the champaran movement.                                        

  4. Describe the role of Rabindranath Tagore in the Indian national movement. How was it different from congress.      


  1. Describe the development of technical education in Bihar during the period of your study.

  2. Describe the growth of education and press in modem Bihar and also describe the role of education and press in National movement.                             

  3. What changes were brought about in the socio economic scenario of Bihar during the British rule?                          

  4. Give a critical account of the development of western education in Bihar during the British rule.                     

  5. Trace the course of western education in Bihar from 1990 to 1947 with particular reference to technical education.        

  6. Critically discuss the role played by the western technical education in the economy of Bihar.








  1. What do you understand by climate change? What reasons are attributed to climate change? What missions have been constituted under the National Action Plan on climate change formulated by the Government of India? What steps have been taken in this regard by the Bihar Government? Discuss.

  2. In the absence of well-educated and organised local level government system, Panchayats and Samitis have remained mainly political institutions and are not effective instrument of governance. Critically discuss.

  3. Public health system has limitations in providing universal health coverage. Do you think that private sector can help in bridging the gap? What other viable alternatives do you suggest?

  4. Terrorism activities and mutual distrust have clouded India-Pakistan relations. To what extent the use of soft power like sports and cultural exchange could help to generate goodwill between the two countries? Discuss with suitable examples.


53-55 BPSC (Main Exam)/2012 


  1. Discuss political change in Bihar Polity from 1991.

  2. Examine main recommendations of 13th Finance Commission of the Government of India.

  3. Explain worsening position of the State Finances of Government of Bihar.

  4. Explain main agreements of World Trade Organization. Discuss Agreements on Agriculture in detail.

48-52 BPSC (Main Exam)/2009


  1. What are the causes of environment pollution? Discuss the international efforts for protection of environment.

  2. Write down the impact of “Globalization” on Indian society, polity and economy.

  3. Write an essay on India’s nuclear doctrine.

  4. Write notes on any two of the following:

(a) National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme

(b) Universal Declaration of Human Rights

(c) The problem of Communalism in India.





47 BPSC (Main Exam)/2007


  1. Write a critical note on the cause of and measures undertaken by the Government of India to curb the rising perils of terrorism in India.

  2. Examine the impact of 73rd constitutional amendment on political awakening and empowerment of women at the grass root level with special reference to Bihar.

  3. Discuss the national and international perspectives of 123 Agreement (Indo-US, nuclear deal)

  4. Write notes on any two of the following:

(a) Right to Information Act-A Means to Transparent and Accountable Government

(b) Impact of Media on Indian life and culture

(c) Casteism in Indian Politics with special reference to Bihar.

46 BPSC (Main Exam)/2005


  1. Critically examine the validity of the Naga Movement and discuss, the cause for its continuation till date.

  2. Give your comment on the Jail Administration in Bihar in the light of socio-political situation.

  3. What is the necessity of the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad Bus Service and the Khokrapar-Munabao Rail Link? How will these proposals succeed in improving the relations between India and Pakistan?

  4. Discuss the claims of India for its permanent membership in the security council of the U.N.O.


45 BPSC (Main Exam)/2002

  1. Discuss the various efforts made to control the terrorism by International communities and explain the impact on countries supporting terrorism.

  2. What is the New Disinvestment Policy of India and how will it influence the Indian economy in future Discuss.

  3. Discuss the recent election reform verdicts of the Supreme Court and the Election Commission. How will they influence the Indian Politics in future? Explain.

  4. Discuss the main decisions taken by ‘G-8’ countries in their recent summit — talk. How will these decision be useful for economic development of African countries?


44 BPSC (Main Exam)/2002

  1. Discuss various peace approaches in Western Asia and explain the reasons of their failure.

  2. Discuss the impact of the terrorist attack on Indian parliament and examine the security arrangement made thereafter.

  3. Discuss the role of India in World affairs after the terrorist attack on World Trade Centre (W.T.C.).

  4. In the present context, discuss the political relations between Indian and Afghanistan.


43 BPSC (Main Exam)/2001


  1. Explain Globalization and its impact on Indian economy.

  2. Indo-US relations have changed in recent years. Comment.

  3. Write an essay on the recent killings in Nepal. Will the event affect Indo-Nepalese relations?

  4. The Tehelka episode has exposed corruption in Indian life. How to prevent such corruption?


42 BPSC (Main Exam)/1999


  1. Communalism is the greatest threat to Indian society today. Discuss.

  2. Write a critique of the caste politics in Bihar.

  3. Indo-Pakistan relations have deteriorated in recent years. Do you agree?

  4. Write short notes on any five of the following:

(a) The recent Anglo-American bombing of Iraq.

(b) The Ganga Purification Plan

(c) The Kosovo Crisis

(d) Tackling the AIDS menace

(e) The Taliban

(f) US sanctions against India

(g) The Antarctica Expedition

(h) The Y2 Phobia.





41 BPSC (Main Exam)/1997


  1. Write a short essay on the peace – talks in West Asia, underlining the major irritants in the process.

  2. Analyze the cause responsible for the growth of regionalism in post-Independence India.

  3. Discuss the causes of violence in rural Bihar.

  4. Write short notes on any five of the following:

(a) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

(b) Cloning

(c) Gujral Doctrine

(d) Male Summit 1997

(e) Parliamentary polls in Britain I997

(f) Hostage Crisis in Peru

(g) Indo-Bangladesh river Water Treaty,

       (h) Contribution of Indian satellites in the development of the country


40 BPSC (Main Exam)/1995


  1. Analyze the implications of recent Nuclear test by France and China.

  2. State the main recommendations of Vohra Committee for the resolution of the problem of Criminalization of polities in India.

  3. Examine the position of the Chief Election Commissioner in Multi-member Election Commission state your view regarding Photo Identity Card.

  4. Discuss the present position of the Indo-Nepal relations. What are the basic points of dispute between the two countries?



39 BPSC (Main Exam)/1993


  1. Write a note on Supreme Court’s latest judgement given by the former chief justice Mr. M.N. Venkatachaliah on the controversy of Babri Masjid — Ram Janam Bhoomi issue.

  2. Describe the cases of smuggling of Uranium at national and international level and its repercussion.

  3. How far do you agree that the recent Palestinian Israel accord will bring lasting peace in West Asia?

  4. Write a critical note in favour and against of increasing violence and nugityn Indian cinema and the role of censorship.

  5. Discuss the achievements of the Charwaha Vidhayalayas imparting education to the people in Bihar.



































56-59 BPSC (Main Exam) 2016


  1. Discuss about the Fundamental Rights as enshrined in the Indian Constitution. How has the judicial interpretations of Article 21 expanded the scope of Right to Life?

  2. Examine the role of Caste in electoral politics of India. To what extent did caste factor play a role in 2015 Bihar election.

  3. Analyse tension areas between Centre and States in the Indian federal system. Describe the current state of relations between Union Government and Bihar State.

  4. What is judicial review? Critically examine about the doctrine of ‘basic structure’ as enunciated by the Supreme Court of India.


53-55 BPSC (Main Exam) 2012


  1. Discus Indian Federal System and Centre-State Administrative Relation with special reference to National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC).

  2. Discuss the power and functions of the Governor and his role in Bihar.

  3. Examine the power and working of the Election Commission of India and its role in free and fair election.

  4. Discuss various ‘Directive principles’. How were these implemented in Bihar after 1950?






48-52 BPSC (Main Exam) 2009


  1. ‘Caste and Class play important role in Indian politics.’ — Explain the statement with special reference to Bihar.

  2. Explain the recent trends in Indian federalism. Do the states need more autonomy?

  3. ‘Coalitional politics in India has become a remarkable feature, but it is yet to provide a stable Government”. — Comment.

  4. Analyze the functioning of the rural local governments in India since 1991 with special reference to Bihar.


47 BPSC (Main Exam) 2007


  1. Write an essay on the politician — criminal nexus with special reference of Bihar.

  2. Elections are like the heart beats of a democracy. If they happen too fast or too irregularly, democracy collapses. “Explain your views on mid-term polls in context of India Politics.

  3. Election of President in July 2007 was unique for various reasons. Enumerate some of them.

  4. Issue of Reservation is nothing out consolidation of Vote-Banks of political parties. What do you suggest methods other than reservation for providing social justice to depressed class.


46 BPSC (Main Exam) 2005


  1. What do you understand by election campaign? Throw light on the important methods of election campaign in Bihar.

  2. Discuss the role of language in Indian Politics. Enumerate the provisions for linguistic minorities in Bihar.

  3. Describe the basic provisions of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act.

  4. Discuss the role of bureaucracy in conducting free and fair elections under the guidance of the Election commission of India.


45 BPSC (Main Exam) 2002

  1. What are the main reasons for the emergence of coalition politics in India? Discuss the prospects of these coalitions.

  2. Evaluate the nature and significance of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution.

  3. Comment on the following (200 words each):

(a) Judicial Activism – Meaning and Evaluation.

(b) Election Commission of India.


44 BPSC (Main Exam) 2002

  1. Write a note on communalism in India. Why the opposition parties label B.J.P. (Bhartiya Janta Party) as a communal party?

  2. What is amendment procedure in India? What are the main contents of 73rd amendment? How many amendments have been done in Indian Constitution?

  3. How the Chief Minister of State is appointed? Critically examine the powers, functions and achievements of present Bihar Chief Minister.

  4. Comment on following: (200 words each)

(a) Regionalism in Indian Politics.

(b) Write a note on POTA.





43 BPSC (Main Exam) 2001


  1. Analyze the emerging trends in Indian democracy.

  2. What is the role of caste in class formation in India?

  3. Make a critical evolution of right to property as it exists today.

  4. Comment on the following (200 words each):

(a) Electoral process in Bihar

(b) India is a liberal democratic state


42 BPSC (Main Exam) 1999



  1. Examine the relevance and significance of the philosophy enshrined in the preamble of the constitution of India.

  2. “The coalition experiment at the Centre has neither strengthened democracy nor has it made conditions conductive for participatory and cooperation federation.” Do you agree?

  3. Write a brief and critical essay on “Caste as a factor in Bihar Politics since 1977” and highlight the special reasons for the present state of affairs.

  4. Comment upon the following (200 words each):

(a) “Judicial Action is a double edged weapon in a parliamentary democracy.”

(b) “Article 356 of the Constitution should be read with article 355 to appreciate its spirit.”


41 BPSC (Main Exam) 1997


  1. Analyze the emerging trends in Indian Federalism.

  2. Examine the system of election of the Indian President.

  3. Discuss the powers of the Governor and explain his role with reference to the recent developments in Bihar.

  4. Discuss the role of caste in Indian Politics.


40 BPSC (Main Exam) 1995 


  1. Discuss the Directive Principles of State Policy enshrined in the Indian Constitution and State their importance.

  2. What is the meaning of “Parliamentary Sovereignty”? Do you consider Indian Parliament a `Sovereign’ or a ‘non-sovereign’ or both? Give your views.

  3. Give your views on recent political upheavals in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat and their impact on Parliamentary Democracy in India.

  4. Describe the Constitution of Jharkhand Area Autonomous Council. What is your opinion regarding its role in future?


39 BPSC (Main Exam) 1993 


  1. Describe the fundamental duties as enumerated in the Constitution of India.

  2. Why is the Constitution of India called quasifederal?

  3. Examine the status and powers of the Governor of an Indian State.

  4. Describe the objectives and features of the Panchayat Raj in India.

  5. Discuss the demands of the protagonists of the Jharkhand movement in Bihar.












  1. What is ‘demographic dividend’? Explain its impact on economic growth.

  2. Describe ‘agricultural marketing’ in India and write the defects in the ‘agricultural marketing system’. What measures have been taken by the Government of Bihar to improve the system of the marketing of agricultural products?   

  3. What is the relationship between ‘environmental protection’ and ‘sustainable development’? Write a short note on economic growth and environmental degradation in India.


  1. What do you mean by regional development? How far regional planning has been successful in the economic development of Bihar? Discuss.





A. Question related with Bihar


  1. How far does the variable nature of Indian monsoon adversely affect the planning of agricultural development in India? Discuss it with special reference to Bihar?

  2. How far has the Government through its various five — Year Plans been successful in removing poverty from Bihar?                         

  3. “Natural disasters are the main causes of poverty in Bihar” Do you agree with this statement? Comment your views.                           

  4. What is “Inclusive Growth” in eleventh Five Year Plan? What strategies are framed by Planning Commission to achieve it?                                    

  5. Why is per hectare production of agriculture yields stagnant is Bihar? Explain their basic causes and also suggest important measures to remove them.                       

  6. What is meant by ‘small industries’? What role do small industries play in the Indian economy in respect of exports and employment?                           

  7. Explain the role of the Multi-purpose River Projects in the development of Bihar State.

  8. With all the possibilities of development, Bihar is being considered as one of the backward states of India. Discuss fully.               

  9. Examine the resource potentials, planning and development of industries in Bihar.

  10. Point out the salient features of Integrated Area Development Programme in Bihar. What are its achievements?                      

  11. Why is the pace of industrial development in Bihar is poor inspite of rich natural resources? Discuss.                                  

  12. “Bihar is not utilizing her water resources rationally for meeting the domestic, agricultural and industrial needs.” Explain.                      


B. Five Year Plan

  1. What are the basic Objectives of Tenth Five Year Plan? Elaborate the strategies made by the Government to achieve these objectives.                                   

  2. What measures have been taken under the Five-Year Plans to increase employment opportunities in rural areas?             

C. Small Industries


  1. What is meant by ‘small industries’? What role do small industries play in the Indian economy in respect of exports and employment?                         

  2. Discuss the importance of the small scale sector in the industrial structure.


D. Agriculture


  1. “Agricultural diversification and organic farming are the better option for food security in India.” Comment critically with special reference to Bihar.  

  2. The Green Revolution bas increased the food grains production in India but has created several environmental problems.”- Elucidate with examples.  

  3. What important trends have been emerged in Indian Agriculture as a result of liberalization?


  1. How do the forests of India contribute to the economic development of the country?


E. Economic development


  1. Critically explain the achievements of New Economic Reforms in India.

  2. What is the second phase of Economic Reforms? Explain its role in economic growth of India.





F. Poverty


  1. “Poverty is a matter of deprivation from basic needs of human life.” Explain it and suggest measures to reduce it?                       

  2. What do you mean by the concept of poverty? Explain the incidence of poverty and the various poverty alleviation programmes introduced in India.         


G. Question related with Economics

  1. “Physical diversity in India has lead to uneven economic development”- Elucidate with suitable example.                               

  2. What is the Disinvestment Policy of Indian Government? Did it succeed to achieve its objectives?                      

  3. what structural changes are necessary in the successful economic planning?


  1. How do the forests of India contribute to the economic development of the country?


  1. Examine critically the relevance of movements against multipurpose Projects in India.


  1. What do you mean by district Planning? What are the conditions of its success? 


H. Governments — Plan and Policy

  1. What is “Bharat Nirman Youjana”? Explain its role to make rural economy prosperous in India?


  1. What are the “Common Minimum Programmes” on the United Progressive Alliance Government in India? Explain their role to improve the socio-economic status of people in India.                                 

  2. What is the nature of unemployment problem in India? Do you think that “National Employment Guarantee Act” will solve the problems of poverty and unemployment of rural poors?                                       

I..Question related with Geography

  1. Divide India into physical divisions and describe them with maps.

  2. Discuss with examples the causes and consequences of inter-state conflicts on sharing the river water in India. Can this problem be solved?                      

  3. Discuss the characteristics of major soil zones of India and their suitability for important crops.             


  1. Discuss the structure and evolution of the Peninsular India?         


  1. Explain the origin of the Himalayas with the support of Plate Tectonics Theory.


  1. What measures have been taken under the Five-Year Plans to increase employment opportunities in rural areas?               

J. Population




  1. The provisional results of 2001 Census in India show the declining trends of population growth rate and sex ratio. How far will they affect the regional planning in India?

  2. How far do you agree that the high density of population is the basic cause of poverty in India?

  3. Account for the regional variations in the growth patterns of population in India since Independence and show that impact on economic imbalances.        

  4. “Rising population is a great hindrance to development”. Discuss.               




The Role and Impact of Science and Technology in the

Development of India



  1. In comparison to other countries, India is well-endowed with freshwater resources. Critically examine why it still suffers from water scarcity. What role can the scientific management and technology play in overcoming this problem? Elucidate.

  2. In order to fulfill the increasing energy demand in Bihar State, suggest the scientific initiatives that you would like to introduce.                  

  3. Critically discuss the positive and negative effects of globalization in India. How can science and technology reduce negative effects? Explain.        

  4. The key issues of Modi Government in India are “cleaning of Ganga river, degraded natural resources and dwindling farmlands, and greater health risks.” Discuss scientific initiatives for these problems that you would like to apply.                              


1.      Nuclear Energy


  1. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster has put the focus of the world back on the dangers of nuclear technologies. With widening gap in meeting the power requirements of India, would it be appropriate to abandon this path? Can our energy needs by fulfilled by alternative sources?

  2. Discuss the interdependence of civilian & military applications of nuclear energy in our country. Examine the recent Indo-US nuclear agreement in the light of our future military programme.

  3. Discuss the importance of nuclear fuel in the field of power generation.         

  4. What is nuclear energy? Can nuclear power plants solve Indian power crisis?   

  5. Describe briefly the different phases of India’s nuclear energy programme.   

  6. Summaries the arguments for and against the advisability of building nuclear power plants in India.                           

  7. Describe the different phases of India’s nuclear energy programme.             


2.      Alternative Source of energy


  1. Write an account on the possible approaches for management of wastes and their potential to generate energy in India.                    

  2. Discuss the problems of alternative source of energy in our country. What are Carbon-Credits? How much global — Warming can be tolerated for the sake of economic development?





3.      Question related with Biotechnology


  1. Discuss the role of biotechnology in sustainable agriculture. Explain your answer with the “help of some examples.                                 

  2. What is Biotechnology? How Biotechnology can be used to improve human health?


  1. What are transgenic crops? How this technology is going to effect the Indian agricultural scene?


  1. What is meant by ‘Biotechnology’? Discuss its application in the field agriculture and environment.                                                          

  2. Define ‘Genetic Engineering’. How far can it be used to treat genetic illness?      

  3. Write short notes on Genetic Engineering.             






4.      Computer


  1. Which drugs are extracted from plants and trees? How can these be developed with tilt help of a computer?                                      

  2. What is the importance of – computer in modem communication?              

  3. Comment on the state of computer technology in India today. How this has benefited de masses (people)? In this context point out the possible uses to which super-computer could be put?


  1. Discuss the contribution of computers in our-telecommunication system.               



5.      Health and Medical Science


  1. Contribution of India in the field of HIV/AID research, what is its cause and prevention should be taken. Elucidate                                      

  2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is useful to doctors for medical treatment Explain in what way this facility has been provided to the public.                    

  3. In what way X-ray and ultrasonography are useful for medical treatment?

  4. Describe the features and objectives of National Vaccination Programme. How far has it helped in checking child mortality in India?                                      

  5. Write short notes on Blood Groups.              


6. Technology


  1. Write an account on space research activities going on in India. How have such researches been helpful in development of the country?                  

  2. Discuss the development of higher education institutions of Science & technology in India. Carefully examine the science & technology priorities of the Government of India in each decade after independence.                                

  3. Present age is the era of Information Technology. How it is going to effect common man in India.

  4. How satellite technology can be used in improving the quality of common man’s life?

  5. What are chemical war fare agents (Chemical weapons)? How they are harmful to human health and environment?                                     

  6. What is cloning? Write the scientific merits and demerits of cloning.             

  7. What is remote sensing? Describe the status of remote sensing in India.       

  8. What is ‘DNA finger printing? Which research institution in India is working in this area?


  1. What are the high temperature super conductor? Describe their importance applications.


  1. Evaluate the role of modern technology in India Industries              

  2. What is bio-gas technology’? What are the steps taken by Government of India towards its development?                           

  3. Explain the technological level How does it decide the level of development.







7. Environment and Pollution.


  1. Discuss the relationship of Environmental Pollution & Economic development in our country. Show that it will be disastrous to sacrifice environmental protection laws for the sake of the “So-Called” – Development.                                      

  2. Use of petroleum and coal polutes the air. How can this pollution be reduced.

  3. What are chemical war fare agents (Chemical weapons)? How they are harmful to human health and environment?                                

  4. What do you understand by environmental pollution? Mention the various kinds of pollutions. Also explain their effects on human health in India.                  


8. Agriculture


  1. What are the fertilizers and insecticides used on large scale in agriculture?

  2. What are the development in India as far as agriculture is concerned?        

(a) Water resources

(b) Seed selection

  1. What is dry-land agriculture? Discuss its importance in India?         

  2. “Bihar is not utilizing her water resources rationally for meeting the domestic, agricultural and industrial needs.” Explain.                                      

9. Miscellaneous Questions


  1. According to Dr. Manmohan Singh, the PM of India, “the key challenges faced by the country are increasing population, greater health risks, degraded natural resources and dwindling farmlands.” That you would like introduce.                                          

  2. Most of the towns and cities in India become full of big garbage dumps, dusty broken roads and chaotic traffic. What role can be scientific management and technology play in overcoming these problems? Explain with examples.                                                        

  3. Uranium oxide is found in Bihar. It is destroyed by itself even if not used. Discuss the economic aspects of this mineral.                  

  4. Zinc oxide is found in Rajasthan, What is the effect of this discovery on the economics of India?


  1. Discuss the relevance of weather forecast and seismic studies.                         

  2. What are the studies available through the television or by correspondence?    

  3. Ground water level is decreasing. Suggest scientific methods which can be used to increase water level.                            

  4. Write shot nots on: – (i) “Agni” (ii) Acid Rain                 

  5. Explain the technological level. How does it decide the level of development?





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