Kushan Empire


  • They were a nomadic tribe called Yueh-chi from north-western border of China
  • Yueh-chi were divided into two groups
  • Little Yeuh-chi Tibet
  • Great Yueh-chi in India
  • Yueh-chi settled in India after defeating Sakas
  • After settling and becoming an agricultural community, the Great Yueh-chi tribe got divided into five branches


  • Kujula Kadphises
  • Defeated the Greeks to establish the kingdom
  • Other names : Kadaphises I, Dharmathida and Sachadharmathida
  • Religion : Buddhist
  • He occupied Kabul and Kashmir
  • Vima Takto
  • Son of Kujula Kadphises
  • Vima Kadhises
  • Son of Vima Takto
  • First to issue large number of Gold coins and copper coins
  • Famous coin – Siva holding a trident and bull
  • Religion : Adopted Shaivism
  • Expanded the silk route trade

Kanishka I

  • Son of Vima Kadphises
  • He ruled from Purushpura
  • Regional capitals
  • Taxila
  • Begram
  • Mathura
  • He is the founder of Saka Era AD 78
  • he patronized Buddhism and Convened the 4th Buddhist council
  • Buddhism divided into two board sects – Hinayana and the Mahayana
  • Important court Scholars of Kanishka
  • Vasumitra
  • Ashvagosa – first dramatist to Sanskrit in his plays
  • Nagarjuna
  • charak – written Charaka Samhita
  • Parsva
  • Vasishaka
  • Succeeded Kanishka I
  • Also called as Kaisar

Kushan Art

  1. Mathura School of Art
  • Sitting and standing statues of Buddha
  • Spotted red sand stone was used in this school
  • Statues of Yaksa and Yaksi
  1. Gandhara school of Art
  • Influenced Greek arts
  • Anatomical accuracy and spatial depth are its special features
  • Grey sand stone was used in Gandhara schools
  1. Amaravathi School of Art
  • White marbles were used in this school