The Early Medieval history



  • So many things have occurred in the South Indian peninsula over the years. The Deccan plateau, the region north and south of Krishna-Tungabhadra region is historically important.   
  • The Rashtrakutas were a prominent dynasty that ruled India around 8th to the close of 10th
  • These Rashtrakutas were overthrown by the Chalukyas who established their independent kingdom.   
  • Some of the important dynasties of the region were The Rashtrakutas, the Chalukyas of Kalyani, the Pallavas of Kanchi and the Cholas of the Thanjavur. 

The Cholas

 Ø The 2nd and 13th Rock edict of Asoka refers to them as friendly power in South India.   


Ø Together with the Chēras and the Pāndyas, the Cholas formed the three main Tamil dynasties of Iron Age India, who were collectively known as the Three


Crowned Kings.  


Ø Then in history, another great Cholas are coming. The famous dynasty sometimes known as the medieval Cholas.  


Ø The great empire of the Chola was founded by Vijayalaya. Began his rule around 850 AD. He was previously under the Pallava kings.

Ø He was led by his son ‘Aditya’ I. He overthrew the Pallava ruler Aparajitavarman.  

Ø Later on Parantaka I came to the throne.  

Ø After Parantaka I many others succeeded them like Gandaraditya, Sundara Chola, Karikala and Uttama Chola.  

Ø Rajaraja Chola (AD 985-1014) was the son of Sundara Chola. Succeeded the throne and was a great ruler.  


Ø He had the titles Mummadi Choladev, Jayangonda, Martanda etc.  

Ø Rajaraja Chola was militarily very powerful and made Cholas very powerful.  

Ø He conquered Kalinga and the ‘Old islands of the sea’ which can be

Laccadives and Maladives.  


Ø He constructed the famous ‘Brihadeshwara Temple, the Shiva temple at Thanjavur. It is also called Rajarajeshvara.  

Ø Rajendra I Gangaikonda (AD 1014-44) was the son of Rajaraja I.  



Ø He brought the Chola empire to its glory .He annexed the whole of Sri Lanka.   Ø He regained the power over Kerala and Pandyan kings.  

He founded the capital ‘Gangaikonda Cholapuram. Made a huge temple there with brilliant granite sculptures.