601) A watch point is associated with debugger
602) A multithreaded program uses multiple processes
603) Time sharing is a mechanism to provide spontaneous interactive use of a computer
system by many users in such a way that each user is given the impression that he/she has
his/her own computer
604) The typical scheme of memory management used in IBMOS/360 mainframe system
was that of multiprogramming with variable number of memory partitions
605) The concepts used for realization of virtual memory are swapping, demand paging and
In-line secondary storage
606) Oracle 8i is an example of OORDBMS
607) ALPHA, RIOS, SPARC are examples of RISC Processors
608) The scope of an identifier refers to where in the program an identifier is accessible
609) Hierarchy is not a component of relational database
610) A two-way selection in C++ is the if…else
611) A recursive function executes more efficiently than its iterative counterpart
612) The body of the recursive function contains a statement that causes the same function
to execute before completing the last call
613) Variables that are created during program execution are called dynamic variables
614) When destroying a list, we need a delete pointer to deallocate the memory
615) The first character in the ASCII character set is the null character, which is
616) A variable for which memory is allocated at block entry and deallocated at block exit is
called a static variable
617) Signal to noise ratio compares signal strength to noise level
618) The ability to create new objects from existing objects is known as inheritance
619) Software tools that provide automated support for the systems development process
are OLAP tools
620) Applications/Web server tier processes HTTP protocol, scripting tasks, performs
calculations, and provides access to data
621) A language used to describe the syntax rules is known as meta language
622) In a preorder traversal, the binary tree is traversed as follows
623) The general syntax of the function prototype of a value returning function is function
name (parameter list)
624) Competitive intelligence is the process of gathering enough of the right information in a
timely manner and usable form and analyzing it so that it can have a positive impact
625) Tracing values through a sequence is called a play out
626) In a binary tree, each comparison is drawn as a circle, called a node
627) The term used as a measurement of a communication channel’s data capacity is
628) In addition to the nature of the problem, the other key factor in determining the best
solution method is function
629) An E-R data model solves the problem of presenting huge information system data
models is to users and developers
630) In C++, predefined functions are organized into separate libraries
631) The standard protocol (communication rules for exchange of data) of the internet is
632) For efficiency purposes, wherever possible, you should overload operators as member
633) Modifying algorithms that change the order of the elements, not their values, are also
called modifying algorithms
634) As long as the tables in a relational database share at least one common data
attribute, the tables in a relational database can be normalized to provide useful information
and reports
635) DBMS is a simple, fourth generation language used for data retrieval
636) An occurrence of an undesirable situation that can be detected during program
execution is known a exception
637) A photo of the company headquarters would be an example of the use of a static web
638) The Pentium processor contains thousands of transistors
639) SOI technology has been successful with reference to SRAM
640) Secondary storage device is needed to print output results
641) Static random access memory does not fall under the category of secondary storage
642) Floppy disk is universal, portable and inexpensive but has its own limitation in terms of
storage capacity and speed
643) Some physical property of the microscopic area of the disk surface is changed for
recording in common for all types of disks
644) In a disk, each block of data is written into two or more sectors
645) A floppy disk rotates at 100rpm
646) A hard disk has 500 to 1000 tracks or more
647) The storage capacity of a cartridge tape is 400 MB
648) Single density recording is also known as frequency modulation
649) Printer is not an input device
650) The input device that is most closely related to a touch screen is the light pen
651) Laser printer generates characters from a grid of pins
652) The liquid crystal display works on the basis of the relation between polaristion and
electric field
653) A COBOL program in source code is not considered to be system software
654) Firmware stored in a hard disk
655) A compiler breaks the source code into a uniform stream of tokens by lexical analysis
656) Sorting of a file tasks is not performed by a file utility program
657) Floppy disk does not generate a hardware interrupt
658) Ada language is associated with real time processing
659) MS DOS is usually supplied on a cartridge tape
660) BREAK is not an internal DOS command
661) Kernel of MS-DOS software resides in ROM
662) The UNIX operating system (available commercially) has been written in C language
663) MS-DOS has better file security system as compared to UNIX
664) UNIX is only a multiprogramming system
665) The UNIX operating system uses three files to do the task mentioned
666) In UNIX, end-of-file is indicated by typing CTRL D
667) Abacus is said to be invented by Chinese
668) An operating system is necessary to work on a computer
669) The first UNIX operating system, as it was in the development stage, was written in the
assembly language
670) FAST drivers scientific software packages was developed under contract with NASA
671) LEFT () is not a date function
672) FIF editor is a windows based application
673) Graphics is inserted in frame
674) A language translator is best described as a system software
675) The specification of a floppy is identified by TPI
676) DISC () is not a database function
677) In opening menu of word star C OPTION should be selected for protecting a file
678) The most advanced form of ROM is electronically erasable programmable ROM
679) Secondary storage device is needed to store large volumes of data and programs that
exceed the capacity of the main memory
680) MORE sends contents of the screen to an output device
681) NFS stands for N/W file system
682) Main protocol used in internet is TCP/IP
683) We can create a simple web page by using front page express
684) The first line/bar on the word window where the name of the document is displayed is
called title bar
685) The clock frequency of a Pentium processor is 50 MHz
686) The input device that is most likely to be used to play computer games is the joystick
687) Linking the program library with main program is not performed by a file utility program
688) The UNIX operating system has been written in C language
689) BIOS of MS-DOS resides in ROM
690) The sector size of a floppy disk varies from 128 bytes to 1024 bytes
691) A program type of errors is flagged by compilers
692) A floppy diskette is organized according to tracks and sectors
693) In word star, the maximum permissible length of search string is 65
694) C is a third generation high level language
695) A CPU has a 16-bit program counter. This means that the CPU can address 64 K
memory locations
696) STR () is used for converting a numeric into a character string
697) BASIC language is normally used along with an interpreter
698) In UNIX, open files are shared between the parent and the child
699) In spite of the extra power needed for refreshing. DRAMs are widely used in
computers because of its lower cost relatives to SRAMs
700) PIF editor belongs to Main group
701) SUM () is not a financial function
702) 98/04/12 cannot be used to enter a date
703) Windows is popular because of its being expensive
704) Personal computers currently sold in India have main memories at an entry level in the
range of megabytes
705) The unit in CPU or processor, which performs arithmetic and logical operations is ALU
706) RAM is volatile
707) The result of arithmetic and logical operations is stored in an accumulator
708) A small amount of memory included in the processor for high speed access is called
709) A bus is an electronic track system
710) A co-processor is used to improve the speed of mathematical calculations
711) Intel 80286 belongs to third generation microprocessors
712) A hexadigit can be represented by eight binary bits
713) The number of processes that may running at the same time in a large system can be
714) FORTRAN is a 3GL
715) Root is not an item of the Menu bar
716) Difficult to do what it projects is not considered to be a feature of the spreadsheet
717) While starting the Lotus 1-2-3, the current cell reference is shown at top left hand
corner of the screen
718) Bill gates is the chief of Microsoft
719) Excel office assistant can be made to appear by using F1 key and help menu
720) 9 per page is the max no of showing positioning of per page handouts
721) Alignment buttons are available on formatting toolbar
722) Pico second is 10(to the power of-9)
723) Logo refers to a computer language
724) The most appropriate command to permanently remove all records from the current
table is Zap
725) The efficient and well designed computerized payroll system would be on-line real time
726) The scripts which are designed to receive value from Web users is CGI script
727) WAIS stands for – wide assumed information section
728) Modem is used for connecting PC using telephone lines
729) Token bus is the most popular LAN protocol for bus topology
730) Manipulating data to create information is known as analysis
731) A separate document form another program sent along with an E-mail message is
known as E-mail attachment
732) When you boot up a PC — portions of the operating system are copied from disk into
733) Correcting errors in a program is called debugging
734) A word processor would most likely be used to type a biography
735) A database is an organized collection of data about a single entity
736) Fire fox is a web browser
737) Most of the commonly used personal computers/laptops do not have a command key
known as turnover
738) Full form of USB is known as Universal serial bus
739) The quickest and easiest way in Word to locate a particular word or phrase in a
document is to use the find command
740) Computer sends and receives data in the form of digital signals
741) Icons are graphical objects used to represent commonly used application
742) Most World Wide Web pages contain HTML commands in the language
743) In any window, the maximize button, the minimize button and the close buttons appear
on the title bar
744) Checking that a pin code number is valid before it is entered into the system in an
example of data validation
745) Windows 95 and windows 98 and Windows NT are known as operating systems
746) Information on a computer is stored as analog data
747) A program that works like a calculator for keeping track of money and making budgets
is spreadsheet
748) To take information from one source and bring it to your computer is referred to as
749) Windows is not a common feature of software applications
750) A toolbar contains buttons and menus that provide quick access to commonly used