1201) VRML code is based on Unicode
1202) Use net discussion groups have their own system of organization to help you find
things just as internet excel
1203) Http protocol is used for WWW
1204) Protocol conversion can be handled by gateway
1205) In ISDN teleservices, the network can change or process the contents of data
1206) A longer instruction length may be -1024 to 1023
1207) A microprocessor is a processor with a reduced instruction set and power
1208) The term server refers to any device that offers a service to network users
1209) Using HTML, Front page, DHTML we can make web-site
1210) Usually security in a network is achieved by cryptography
1211) PSTN stands for public switched telephone network
1212) A thyratron cannot be used as a amplifier
1213) An input device conceptually similar to mouse is joystick
1214) Netscape navigator and other browsers such as the internet explorer are available
free on the internet
1215) In MS-logo Bye command is used to come out from that screen
1216) In C++ programming, the command to save the program file is F3
1217) Data lines which provide path for moving data between system modules are known
as data bus
1218) Bubble sort technique does not use divide and conquer methodology
1219) The OSI model shows how the network functions of computer to be organized
1220) A 8 bit microprocessor must have 8 data lines
1221) A protocol that permits the transfer of files between computer on the network is FIP
1222) A data structure, in which an element is added and removed only from one end is
known as stack
1223) In linked list, the successive elements must occupy contiguous space in memory
1224) In OSI model reference, layer 2 lies in between the physical layer and the network
1225) In synchronous TDM, for n signal sources, each frame contains at least n slots
1226) Mouse and joystick are graphic input devices
1227) In linked list, a node contains at least node number, data field
1228) Gopher is not a web browser
1229) Device drivers controls the interaction between the hardware devices and operating
1230) The shortest path in routing can refer to the least expensive path
1231) An ordinary pen which is used to indicate locations on the computer screen by
sensing the ray of light being emitted by the screen, is called light pen
1232) Netiquettes are some rules and regulations that have to be followed by users
1233) Gateway uses the greatest number of layers in the OSI model
1234) A set of standards by which servers communicate with external programs is called
common gateway interface
1235) UNIVAC is a computer belonging to third generation
1236) API allows a client/server relationship to be developed between an existing host
application and a PC client
1237) Semi-insulator is a substance which has resistivity in between conductors and
1238) Multi vibrator is a two stage amplifier with output of one feedback to the input of the
1239) Macro is used to automate a particular task or a series of tasks
1240) Internet is network of networks
1241) A set of devices or combination of hardware and software that protects the systems
on one side from system on the other side is firewall
1242) Simple, transparent, multi post are bridge types
1243) When bandwidth of medium exceeds the required bandwidth of signals to be
transmitted we use frequency division multiplexing
1244) Direct or random access of element is not possible in linked list
1245) In Dos, the “Label” command is used to display the label of disk
1246) At the lower end of electromagnetic spectrum we have radio wave
1247) In Word, Ctrl + Del combination of keys is pressed to delete an entire word
1248) Plotters are very useful in applications such as computer aided design
1249) Web browser is a type of network application software
1250) 65535 characters can be typed in a single cell in Excel
1251) Overtime analysis is useful for formulating personnel policies and derived form the
payroll system
1252) Multiple worksheets can be created and used at a time
1253) UNIX is both time sharing and multiprogramming system
1254) Floppy Disk is universal portable and inexpensive but has its own limitation in terms
of storage capacity and speed
1255) Personal computers currently sold in India have main memories at an entry level in
the range of megabytes
1256) UNIX has better security for files relative to MSDOS
1257) The UNIX operating system has been written in C language
1258) Syntax errors is flagged by compilers
1259) PARAM is an example of super computer
1260) Mother board holds the ROM, CPU, RAM and expansion cards
1261) CD-ROM is as a magnetic memory
1262) The binary number system has a base 2
1263) GUI is used as an interface between software and user
1264) E-mail is transaction of letters, messages and memos over communications network
1265) Device drivers are small , special purpose programs
1266) LAN refers to a small, single site network
1267) One megabyte equals approximately 1 million bytes
1268) Magnetic tape is not practical for applications where data must be quickly recalled
because tape is a sequential access medium
1269) User id, URI and time stamp is not used by organization when a user visits its site
1270) DBRM takes care of storage of data in a data base
1271) Plotters give the highest quality output
1272) Encrypting file system features of windows XP professional operating system protects
the data of a user, even if the computer is shared between users
1273) Loading is not required for high level language program before it is executed
1274) Top – bottom approach cannot be the measure of network traffic
1275) Devices such as magnetic disks, hard disks, and compact disks, which are used to
store information, are secondary storage devices
1276) Various input and output devices have a standard way of connecting to the CPU and
Memory. These are called interface standards
1277) The place where the standard interfaces are provided to connect to the CPU and
Memory is known as Port
1278) Binary numbers are positional numbers
1279) The base of the hexadecimal system is sixteen
1280) Display capabilities of monitor are determined by adapter card
1281) Mouse has a use in graphical user interface and applications as input device
1282) Drum plotter, flat bed plotter, graphic display device is an output device
1283) The time taken to write a word in a memory is known as write name
1284) 1 MB is equivalent to 2 (to the power of 20 bytes)
1285) A memory cell, which does not loose the bit stored in it when no power is supplied to
the cell, is known as non-volatile cell
1286) Magnetic surface recoding devices used in computers such as hard disks, floppy
disks, CD-ROMs are called secondary / auxiliary storage devices
1287) The electronic circuits / devices used in building the computer that executes the
software is known as hardware
1288) Assembler is a translator which translates assembly language program into a
machine language program
1289) Interpreter is a translator which translates high level language program into a
machine language program
1290) Machine language programs are machine dependent
1291) The programs written in assembly language are machine independent
1292) High level languages are developed to allow application programs, which are
machine independent
1293) The Vacuum tubes are related to first generation computers
1294) Mark I was the first computer that used mechanical switches
1295) First generation computers relied on machine language to perform operations, and
they only solve one problem at a time
1296) In first generation computers input was based on punched cards
1297) In second generation computers input was based on print outs
1298) Vacuum tube generates more energy and consumes more electricity
1299) Second generation computers moved from cryptic binary machine language to
symbolic, or assembly languages which allowed programmers to specify instructions in
1300) Most electronic devices today use some form of integrated circuits placed on printed
circuit boards thin pieces of bakelite or fiberglass that have electrical connections etched
onto them is called mother board
1301) The operating system, which allowed the device to run many different applications at
one time with a central program that monitored the memory was introduced in third
generation computers
1302) In third generation computers, users interacted through keyboards and monitors
1303) The fourth generation computers saw the development of GUIs, the mouse and
handheld devices
1304) First computers that stored instructions in memory are second generation computers
1305) In second generation computers transistors replaced vacuum tubes
1306) The micro processor was introduced in fourth generation computer
1307) Integrated Circuits (IC) are introduced and the replacement of transistors started in
third generation computers
1308) Fifth generation computing is based on artificial intelligence
1309) Assembly language is low-level language
1310) In assembly language mnemonics are used to code operations, alphanumeric
symbols are used for address, language lies between high-level language and machine
1311) The computer’s secondary memory is characterized by low cost per bit stored
1312) Acknowledgement from a computer that a packet of data has been received and
verified is known as ACK
1313) Acoustic coupler is a communications device which allows an ordinary telephone to
be used with a computer device for data transmission
1314) ALGOL is a high-level language
1315) A high level programming language named after Ada Augusta, coworker with Charles
Babbage is Ada
1316) Adder is a logic circuit capable of forming the sum of two or more quantities
1317) To identify particular location in storage area one have a address
1318) A local storage register in the CPU which contains the address of the next instruction
to be executed is referred as address register
1319) A sequence of precise and unambiguous instructions for solving a problem in a finite
number of operations is referred as algorithm
1320) PC/AT is an example of Bi-directional keyboard interface
1321) DIMM is not an I/O bus
1322) PCI bus is often called as mezzanine bus
1323) 8088 is an original IBM PC inter CPU chip
1324) 80386 is a 32-bit processor
1325) A Pentium or Pentium pro board should run at 60 or 66 MHZ
1326) The maximum bandwidth of EISA bus is 33 M/sec
1327) A computer system runs millions of cycles per second so that speed is measured in
1328) Heat sink is the metal device that draws heat away from an electronic device
1329) Pentium chip has 64 bit & 32 bit registers
1330) A mother board should contain at least 4 memory sockets
1331) The 1.2 MB drive spin at 360 rpm
1332) Intensity of sound is called amplitude
1333) A single zero bit is called starting bit
1334) PnP stands for plug and play
1335) A computers system’s clock speed is measured as frequency
1336) Maximum RAM of XT type is 1 M
1337) The data in 8 bit bus is sent along 8 wires simultaneously in parallel
1338) The bus is simple series of connection that carry common signals
1339) Mainly memories are divided into two types they are logical memories and physical
1340) System based on the new Pentium II processor have the extended memory limit of
1341) Full form of EMS memory is excluded memory specification
1342) The 286 & 386 CPU have 24 address lines
1343) Bus has both the common meaning and computer meaning
1344) Data on a floppy disk is recorded in rings called tracks
1345) A group of characters that have a predefined meaning database
1346) In a spreadsheet a cell is defined as the intersection of a row and column
1347) Document file is created by word processing programs
1348) Real time is not a type of error
1349) The mouse device drivers, if loaded in the config.sys file, its typically called
1350) Peer to peer means computer to computer