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1. Demand for a poor item falls, when-


2. Which of the following countries has joined as the eighth person in the first extension of SAARC?


3. A teacher wants to put his students in an equal number of rows and columns. If the total number of students is 1369, how many students will be in the last line?


4. Complete the series by selecting the extinct numbers: 2, 5, 11, ….., 47


5. India and which country have signed six agreements, including nuclear science, energy cooperation and information technology technology sector?


6. What is the name of senior journalist and chief editor of National Herald who died recently?


7. If the velocity of an object is doubled then-


8. S.I. Unit of specific resistance is ?


9. The sum of the oxidizing number of elements in a compound is ?


10. What is called the study of pollen grains?


11. If Rs. 200, in 10 years, the rate of simple interest is doubled, then what is the intrest rate?


12. The average of three numbers is 77. If the first number and the second number are 78 and 79 , then tell the third number.


13. Explain the cause of diarrhea-


14. What are the sound waves?


15. Which of the following can not have an effect after the earthquake?


16. Who won the title of the men’s singles in the Australian Open International Challenge?


17. What is the currency of Malaysia?


18. Who has inaugurated the Amma two-wheeler scheme in Tamil Nadu?


19. Average salary of workers in a factory is Rs. 8,000. Average salary of 7 technicians is Rs. 12,000 and the average salary of the balance is Rs. 6,000. So how many workers are in the factory?


20. Which tennis player won 27th Masters title of his career as a Shanghai Masters in 2017?


21. If X: Y = 5: 2, then (8X + 9Y): (8X + 2Y) what will happen?


22. Aflatoxin is ?


23. Which of the following is not oxygen?


24. Which of these is used by a dentist to see the patient’s tooth image?


25. What will be absorbed by acne and the blood glucose transmitted in the blood?


26. White light is made-


27. Plants which have both nutritional and autonomous breast fed-


28. Anil bought 25% off a television cost value. If he had bought it at 40% discount then he would have save 1500, what was the cost value of television?


29. There is a natural fiber made of silk?


30. The radius of a wheel is 25 cm. How many rounds it will take to complete 11 km.


31. How much is ‘A’ in the word RATIONALIZATION greater than ‘O’?


32. In running parts of the lubricant such as lubricants, oils are grease, so-


33. Two examples of Hermaphrodytes are:


34. Find the magnitude of each external angle of an equilateral triangle-


35. A mixture of 15 liters contains 20% alcohol and remaining water. If 3 liters of water is mixed in it, then will the percentage of alcohol in the new mixture?


36. What position did India receive in the ‘Global Joint Gap Report 2017’ released by the WHO on November 2, 2017?


37. Which songwriter was honored with ‘Hridaynath Mangeshkar Award 2017’ in October, 2107?


38. What position did Mukesh Ambani receive in ‘The Walders billionaires list 2017’ released by Forbes?


39. The average of 8 numbers is 42. If each number is subtracted from 5 So what will be the average?


40. After traveling 3/4 of my journey, I found that I had 16 km completed. How much is journey till left?


41. Leaving the branch of a tree louder, the leaves fall. This phenomenon is explained by the speed-


42. The layer of atmosphere that is nearest to the Earth?


43. When ‘Sipahi Gadar’ or ‘The Great Revolt’ happened, who was the Viceroy of India?


44. When the ants cut, they internal produce?


45. What are the three major greenhouse gases of the following?


46. Who composed the rule of partial pressure of gases?


47. The average age of 17 years was 3 years before a family of five members. A child was born in the family, but at present, the average age of the family remains the same. What is the child’s age at present?


48. The value of a machine depreciates every year at the rate of 10% on its value at the beginning of that year. It the current value of the machine is rupees 729, its worth 3 years ago was.


49. Who is the governor of Madhya Pradesh?


50. In which state is the Satpura National Park located?


51. Where is India’s largest railway junction located?


52. In whose reign did Genghis Khan pursue Jalawuddin, invaded India’s borders?


53. Cockroach can not survive in water because its respiratory organ is-


54. The expenditure of India’s Consolidated Fund be done by whose approval?


55. Two trains depart from A and B stations and 50 km respectively. Hourly and 60 kilometers Moves towards each other with an hourly move. When they meet each other, the second train is 120 kilometers more than the first one. Travels more. Tell the distance between A and B?


56. Reducing X% of Y from Y means to divide by Y which of the following?


57. Oracle is?


58. What is the chemical name of Vitamin E?


59. Which substances that provide heat by burning?


60. What is the angle between the magnetic post-euphoria and the geographical postwar?


61. What is the chemical formula of blue thumb?


62. The second meeting of the Canada-India Trade Forum was held in which city?


63. What is the name of actor Kamal Haasan’s political party?


64. The shoe company has sold 50 pairs shoes Rs. 10,000 in a day. and the cost was of each shoe is Rs. 189.50. How much profit did that company ?


65. If every core of a square is double, then what percentage of its area has been increased?


66. If the inner radius of an equilateral triangle is ?3 cm so, tell the circumference of that triangle-


67. This state contributes 70% of India’s coffee and silk production. Name this state?


68. Aung San Sun Kyi is a native to?


69. What is the location of Indian Railways in Asia?


70. What is the highest number of isotopes found?


71. Which of these is not a unit of heat?


72. Phycology is the study of?


73. Meenakshi Amman Temple is situated in which state?


74. What is the name of the Flying Officer who became the first Indian woman to fly a fighter plane?


75. If a diagonal of a quadrangle is 24 cm And 32 cm then tell the magnitude of that square of a rhombus?


76. Tom is pursuing Jerry. At the same time Tom jumps for 8 times and Jerry jumps 6 times. But the distance to Tom as far as 7 times jump is equal to the distance as Jerry goes on jumping 5 times. Tell Tom and Jerry the proportion of the trick?


77. Kamla has bought a cycle of Rs 1650. She sell it at 8% loss . How many rupees Kamla sold the bicyle ?


78. Which permanent magnet is made of?


79. What is the use of Coolidge nalika to generate?


80. The reason for swim niddle floating above of water?


81. ebb and flow Are?


82. Who was the first permanent chairman of the constitution?


83. Which Mughal emperor did the East India Company establish its first industry in India?


84. Select the related number: 25: 125 ::? : 3125


85. Encouraging: Stopping ::?


86. Who has inaugurated the World Hindi Secretariat building in Mauritius?


87. Which game is associated with Yuki Bhanwari?


88. Who won the khitab of the men’s singles at Chennai Open ATP Challenger Tennis Championship?


89. Matri Express runs between which two countries?


90. If ? 00000676 = .0026, what would be the square root of 67,60,000?


91. What is the rational number between 1/2 and 3/5?


92. If 8 men or 12 women can do any work in 25 days, then how much work can be done by 6 men and 11 women in the same day?


93. Which disease is caused by mercury poisoning in men?


94. World Environment Day is celebrated?


95. National income another name is?


96. The members of the Union Public Service Commission and the Chairman are appointed-


97. In the world and there is more river flowing through any river-


98. A money which is investment on the compound interest of 3 years its becomes 800 rupees and in 4 years Rs. 840, then what is the percentage of interest rate?


99. Who has taken charge as the Indian Naval Academy (INA) Commandant?


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