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1. Who shot dead John Saunders on 17th December 1927?


2. Which of the following has maximum diurnal temperature difference?


3. In MICR, what does ‘I’ stands for?


4. What are the main components of Bronze Alloy?


5. India’s first official census operation was undertaken in which year?


6. If 17200 divided by 18, what will be the remainder?


7. As compared to its normal speed, running at its 6/7 speed, a person reaches 25 minutes late, accordingly, how much is the normal time for that person to reach that distance?


8. Simple interest of 6 years on any amount is 9/25 of that amount, according to the rate of that interest?


9. Which State government has introduced loan-waiver scheme for farmers under which crop loan of up to Rs 50,000will bewaived?


10. Desert National Park is located in which state?


11. Mani is twice the age of the Lord. Ramona’s age is half of the lord. If Mani is 60, then know Ramona’s age.


12. In the following question, select the related word from the given alternatives.
Goiter : Iodine : : Anemia : ?


13. In the following question, select the related letter from the given alternatives.
DE : O : : AF : ?


14. In which ancient kingdom did women participate in wrestling?


15. What is the Vidal test done for?


16. Who is measured by humidity?


17. The concept of the basic rights included in the Indian Constitution was assumed by the constitution of which country?


18. He represents the nation but does not lead the nation; Which of the following is applicable to the following?


19. Where is the Headquarters of Competition Commission of India(CCI)?


20. In which city, First meeting of the BRICS Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors was held?


21. In a certain code language, “BIOLOGY” is written as “YRLOLTB”. How is “PHYSICS” written in that code language?


22. 5000 But the difference of 2 years of compound interest and simple interest is Rs. 32, according to what is the rate of interest?


23. Which of the following can break the 571 + 572 + 573 altogether?


24. What is the percentage loss of the cost value of 20% on the sale price?


25. What is the use of ICMP?


26. What are the two metals which are not of silver color?


27. Which country did the title of Queen of the sea?


28. What year was nationalization of the Reserve Bank of India?


29. Which of the following is regulating the working of the stock market in India?


30. According to the latest Global Findex Database released by the World Bank, India has world’s largest unbanked population.


31. What is Name of Former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court who has passed away recently?


32. In the following question, from the given alternative words, select the word which can be formed using the letters of the given word.


33. If 90% of A is 30% of B and B is equal to X%, what would be the value of X?


34. Each member of a club has got three times the number of members to Rs. Contributed to 10 more if the total contribution is Rs. 3000, then the number of members is-


35. If a number is added 21, then it decreases by its three times number 7, according to that number?


36. Which of the following is the best indicator of SO2 pollution?


37. Which of the following days is celebrated every year?


38. Which of the following musical instruments is related to Amjad Ali Khan?


39. Where did the huge bathhouse be found?


40. What are the two components of the ecosystem?


41. Who is the founder of homeopathy?


42. What is the sum of the masses?


43. What is the most stable measure of central trend?


44. The fifth part of half of a number is 20. So how much is 20% of that number?


45. If the angle of a triangle is in the ratio of 2: 3: 5, what is the measure of the smallest angle of the triangle?


46. In one bag Rs. 1, 50 paise and 25 paise coins are in the equivalent of 2: 3: 5. If the total value of these coins is Rs. 228, so how many coins are there in 50 rupees of that bag?


47. Which vitamin provides immunity?


48. Who discovered penicillin?


49. What is the resistance of ideal voltmeter?


50. Which of the following species has become extinct at the local level in India?


51. What is hawala?


52. In the following question, select the related number from the given alternatives.
9143 : 9963 : : 6731 : ?


53. Arrange the given words in the sequence in which they occur in the dictionary.
1. Ball 2 . Balanced 3 . Balls 4 . Balance 5 . Balancing


54. Who has been named as one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2018?


55. How Many countries are the members of World Bank?


56. In 3957 5349 is added. Of the amount received, 7062 is deducted. The resulting number will not be divisible from whom?


57. Which is the largest number that divides the 729 and 901, the remainder will be 9 and 5, respectively?


58. 5 cm The length of two parallel chords of a circle with radius is 6 cm in the same parallel to the center. And 8 cm is. The distance between them is.


59. Where is the Brabourne Stadium?


60. What is the lowest temperature measured by?


61. What year was nationalization of fourteen major banks in India?


62. Notes of one rupee are issued by whom?


63. Which of the following rabi crops is not there?


64. nitrogenic diet is ?


65. Who handed the mission of South-South Asia Alauddin Khilji?


66. Control of respiration is done by which part of the brain?


67. What was the last line of Delhi Sultanate?


68. Select the related word from the given alternatives.
Car : Steering wheel :: Motorcycle : ?


69. From the given words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.


70. In which city International SME convention will be held?


71. What is the currency of Swaziland?


72. The ratio of the length of a school ground to its width is 5: 2. If the width is 40m So what’s the length?


73. What is the quotient when 7251 is divided by 66?


74. Diwakar is twice as good as workman as Dinesh and together they finish a piece of work in 30 days. In how many days will Diwakar alone finish the work?


75. What number should be added to each of the numbers 55, 100, 65 and 116, so that the resulting numbers are in continued proportion?


76. Where is the Eco Science Center located?


77. In which system do people rule over more people?


78. What is the gross monetary resource?


79. Who invented Parad thermometer?


80. How are organs refined in sea whales?


81. What is the first National Park of India?


82. If 1 pen is offered free on purchase of 4 pens, what is the effective discount (in %) on each pen?


83. The 3rd and 6th term of an arithmetic progression are 19 and 37 respectively. What is the 13th term?


84. Who has been recommended by Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) for the prestigious Arjuna Award?


85. In which year Arjun Award was instituted?


86. Select the odd number from the given alternatives.


87. Who was the constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly?


88. Who is the father of political science?


89. Fundamental rights can be suspended-


90. The following is the alkane-


91. 0.1 What is the electrical charge on the mole electrons?


92. How many ovules of Hydra ovary are formed?


93. Which part of the computer can be felt by touching?


94. Where is the Headquarter of Yes Bank?


95. A series is given, with one word missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.
Never, Under, Manly, Sauna, Train, ?


96. What is the reason for the deviation of the wind in the southern hemisphere?


97. Who was the first Lok Sabha Speaker?


98. In the following question, select the related word from the given alternatives.
Hockey : Stick : : Boxing : ?


99. In the following question, select the related letters from the given alternatives.
FS : LY : : IV : ?


100. India has Signed Loan Agreement with World Bank for USD _______ Million for Meghalaya Community – Led Landscapes Management Project.


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